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Remove The Clutter From Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

There is power in getting of the things that have a special place in your heart and want to keep a lifetime. But there must be a change in the items that do not have a significance in the day to day life. Everyone needs casually purging of items in their life and that can start from anywhere that brings clutter. Taking a minimalistic approach, not lifestyle, will still give the benefits and be relieved when getting of the items not necessary.

Items have stories, memories, and experiences around them, but they should not always be remembered through these items that cause clutter. Keeping a clean room is ideal to improve productivity. When getting rid of the clutter, there should be no reason to feel bad either. Donating any clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army to give the clothes and items to a new home for someone to use in the future is a great mindset to have during this process.

If you have an abundant of items that fill up the your space, it is okay to get rid of them. There is no need to have multiple items when you can never use more than one of the items in the first place or where there is no space for it.

Making your bed at the start of every morning clears up the room and brighten your mood. A simple cleaning of the bedroom of the bedroom before bed time is also great to room the clutter in your daily space.

To keep your environment clear from a mess and losing items such as keys, chargers and even pens, giving items a “home” so place where everything belongs is crucial to find them when you need it. This leaves the stress and mess behind because there is no extra time being spent looking for things for it, which often creates a mess in the first place.

Being a planner will keep off the mental clutter than can clog in your mind. Jotting down dates to important events or ideas in a planner or even the notes app on an iPhone will relieve any overwhelming feelings that build over the semester. This is crucial for when projects and deadlines are due soon.

Clearing information off your desktop of your computer is another great way to remove the clutter. Files out of folders and many documents spread out throughout the desktop will help cleanliness. Getting rid of the junk mail, remove unwanted spam, unsubscribing to unwanted mailing lists.

Do not give into the urge to buy things that you will not use more than once or is a trend. When you give into this mindset, you are pissing away your money for a quick rush and it will not last long. These items will only be useful in the junk drawer and will wonder why you bought it years later

Invest in the pieces that you buy whether it is home good, furniture, clothing items or accessories. Have quality things will ensure for a good time and not have to replace it constantly or buy multiple and keeping the old ones.

Teresa Gulli

Sonoma '19

My name is Teresa Gulli and I am a writer for the Her Campus at the Sonoma State University Chapter.
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