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Malibu, a 13-year-old Pointer-Mix Mutt, is my best friend.  I don’t know how I survived without her, till she came in my life. She is annoying sometimes when she keeps barking when the mailman comes, but I wouldn’t change a bit about her at all.

It all started when I was in 7th grade. One of the houses in my block was giving away a German Shephard. I remember myself getting excited on how we haven’t had a dog in years, till now. We went to the house to observe the dog and my dad agreed to take it. The next day, my dad realized how it was a terrible mistake because the house we lived in is too small.  My dad told me in the morning the bad news and I was left in tears. My dad knowing how I felt, he decided that if we found a dog at ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), we can take him/her home. I was excited. I remember running to the car as I pulled my older sister with me. When we got to the shelter my dad stopped us both and telling us “You will find the right dog in 30 seconds.” I did not understand what that meant until we went inside. We walked down the kennel seeing dogs in cages barking and trying to get out attention. The last kennel, there she was. My dad looked at her and said: “that’s the dog.” He didn’t even read what the dog was, age, and the history on why the dog was at ASPCA. The employee took us to a room where we properly meet the dog and as the employee brought her in, the room light up. She ran with her butt on the ground smiling wide. She went up to us wanting to be petted and loved us so much. She was the one. We told the employee we wanted her and introduced on how she was four years old and was dropped off by other owners who couldn’t take care of her.

When we took her home, it felt as if she was already home. She laid in her bed and respected the rules once we addressed it once (like not being on the couch). I always gave her baths even though she hated the water, but after always had a smile on her face. I fed her dinner and snuck in some treats in the bowl once in a while. She always comforted me when I felt sad during a hard time. She always snuggled in my arms with kisses. When we come home, she always gets excited thinking we been gone forever but only been gone for an hour. Now, 13 years old, still continues to make everyone smile as they walk in. She may have grey on her fur but has a young mind


Hi, my name is Katrina Hilke. I go to Sonoma State University majoring in English Creative Writing.
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