Meet the Team: Christine Von Reasfeld

Up next in our “Meet the Team” series is Social Media Editor Christine Von Raesfeld!

HC: What made you want to be the Social Media Editor for HerCampus?

I’m a Communications Major so I figured I would be doing something with Social Media at some point in my career so I thought I would get a head start and take on the responsibility.

HC: What is your role as Social Media Editor?

As the Social Media Editor, I am responsible for posting 3-4 times a week on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in effort to get the word out about when we post articles and have events on campus, etc.

HC: What does HerCampus mean to you?

Her Campus is a platform for me to be myself and talk about whatever I want.  It’s a place for me to express myself and as a person that loves to write, that’s all I could ever want.

HC: What has been your favorite article to write for HerCampus?

Last year I wrote a very profound article about certain people I needed to let go of in my life.  It was very cathartic to write and it honestly took some bravery to put it onto the internet, but I’m glad I did because now I can look back at some of the risky articles I wrote last year and see how much I’ve grown since then.

HC: What advice would you give to someone who wants to join Her Campus, or just has a passion for writing?

Do it!  It’s a great feeling to have your work published.  But to have it published on a large scale website is an even better feeling.  Her Campus is great because you can literally write about whatever you want, and that in itself is such a freeing opportunity, and that’s why I recommend writing for HerCampus.