I'm Proud of My Generation


In these past few weeks, the name Emma Gonzalez has been recognized all over the U.S. The Parkland shooting survivor has been all over the news supporting gun control with her fellow classmates affected by the tragic event.  Gonzalez created a Twitter account on February 18th and she already has more followers than the NRA’s account. She’s been on The Ellen Show, and made a powerful speech about gun control and gun safety in high schools and her impact has been incredible. Emma and her classmates have been using their voices and standing up for what they believe in, even though some of the population does not want to listen to them.

These kids are so educated and passionate about gun control and what we should be doing to make a change and as a nearly 20-year-old college student, it’s been impressive to watch.  These high schoolers are advocating for tougher gun laws and other measures to increase school safety and are promoting March For Our Lives student rallies on March 24. When I was in high school, I wasn’t educated about gun control at all.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around Algebra, let alone bump stocks and why we needed to have stricter screening processes to be able to buy a gun. When I was their age I didn’t even know how old you had to be to buy a gun.

Doing research about the events that unfolded in Florida on Valentine’s Day have shaken me up.  For the first time, I was actually nervous to go to school, I missed my mom and just wanted to stay inside.  But despite all that fear, there is anger and determination in these kids hearts, and I have never been more proud of my generation.  The Millennial and Z generations definitely haven’t been taken too seriously in the past years, but after this horrific event, it’s amazing that we are starting to see the youth of America take a stand for what they believe in.  I hope we continue fighting, and never give up the hope that we can make a change.


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