How I Survived Move In Day



Hello there!  My name is Christine, I’m a freshman at Sonoma State University, and I’m here to tell you about how I survived move-in day.  I’m from a small town called Petaluma that is located just under 30 minutes from Sonoma State University, so luckily my transition to college was a bit less intense than most people I know.  I started packing and deciding what I wanted to bring about 10 days before move-in day.  I started out with clothes and bedroom essentials and took a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought everything I thought I needed (and probably more).  Then suddenly move-in day came.  I packed up the minivan I had been driving all summer and drove 20 minutes up the road to Sonoma State with my parents, and that’s when the chaos began.  Before move-in day I had never seen my suite before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  When I finally found my suite I met a few of my other suitemates that were already there and unpacking, then I went to see my room.  I live in a double room which basically means there are two beds, and one bathroom, which for me was very do-able because I shared a room with my sister when I was younger, and I’ve also shared a bathroom with her my entire life. My roommate hadn’t arrived yet so I took the opportunity to take up most of the space in the room to unpack all my stuff as fast as possible. I unpacked everything in about 20 minutes and had everything perfectly organized within an hour of arriving.  Then reality started to set in that this was my new home.  It was a weird feeling to get used to, but I had a good friend of mine come help me unpack and ease my nerves.  Later on, my roommate arrived and I finally got to meet her in person.  I had been anxious about it since we got our roommate assignments, but I was glad I could finally relax after meeting her.  I spent the next few days trying to get myself comfortable walking around campus and getting to know my roommates, and other students.  Overall, I would not have been able to survive move-in day without the help of my parents, and a close friend of mine.  They helped me remain calm and prepare for the next chapter of my life and I can’t thank them enough for it.