How to get that Summer Body!

So summer is just around the corner!  I’m guessing you already started your summer diet and work out in order to get fit. Maybe going to the gym everyday, eating healthy? Yes you may about one month in now but are you going to keep it up?
Its easy to get things started, the difficult part is staying consistent.  The key to losing weight and staying healthy is making a lifestyle change and committing to this change. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you make your goal and keep it:
 1. Making a schedule: Working out takes time and you may start making excuses of why you can’t go to the gym. “I don’t have time, I got so busy, with school/work” are the typical excuses. Sit down on Sunday and plan out the times when you will go to the gym. For example, in between your hour break from class, or packing your bag and going right after work. If you want to be more social, grab a friend and make it a gym date or plan a group hike for everyone to enjoy. The gym isn’t open the day you were planning on going? Go for a nice walk/jog outside. The benefit of living in California is that there are no excuses to not go outside and be active. It’s raining? Pop in a great exercise tape you can rent from the library. In conclusion, don’t get lazy and start making excuses. Make sure you are getting in the necessary amount of workouts per week to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

 2. Planning your meals for the week: When you go grocery shopping make sure you are shopping for potential dinners, snacks, breakfast, and lunch not just buying a bunch of random food. Dinner is the most important meal to plan. It comes at the end of the day when you are most exhausted and just want to drive through taco bell really fast. Knowing that you have all the food to whip up a quick healthy dinner when you get home will lead you to the kitchen and away from fast food.
 3. Be careful when eating out: The downside to eating out is that you have no idea what they are cooking with. You could be ordering something really healthy and they could be cooking with large amounts of salt and butter. When dining at a restaurant be specific about what you want. Get the dressing on the side, ask them not to put butter on the bread, and skip the soda in exchange for water. Lots of menus have a nutritional guide now so definitely check that out so you know the breakdown of what you are about to eat.
4. Always, ALWAYS have a splurge day: You can only be strict for so long before you breakdown and eat pizza for a week. To prevent this, every so often give yourself a day to eat that decadent cupcake you wanted, or that cheeseburger you were craving from in n out. After working so hard, you deserve it!