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Her Campus Back-to-School Survival Kit

This past week, Her Campus here at Sonoma State University tabled just outside of the student center! Here are some of the awesome goodies we received as a part of a Her Campus Back-to-School Survival Kit (hopefully you snatched some of these goodies up at our table if you saw us)!



First off, we have a cucumber peel-off mask made by Freeman. This mask helps moisturize and rejuvenate skin while peeling away dead skin at the same time. Your face will be feeling fresh and silky-smooth after using this wonderful face mask!



Next, we have Juicy Couture perfume samples. The perfume has a wonderfully fruity smell, yet it isn’t super overpowering. It has the perfect balance of making sure you smell great, but also making sure whole room doesn’t smell like the perfume with one spritz. Not only does this perfume smell heavenly, but is super cute too!


The next few items all come from Rimmel London. The three products we got to check out is the Color Precise Eyeliner (in blue), Super Curler Mascara, and Rimmel London Lipstick. I personally love Rimmel products, especially their mascara! Even their eyeliner, which I have never used until this week, was amazing. Some of us girls tested the eyeliner and couldn’t get it to smudge at all!!



Up next are some black tights from the brand L’eggs! These tights do an excellent job in being sheer, but also giving light coverage. This type of tights from L’eggs are super soft and are very comfortable to wear.



This next item is one of my personal favorites from our Back-to-School survival kit. This Vera Bradley ID holder/coin purse is super cute and super easy to carry around. It’s smaller size is perfect for if you need to bring some money out, but you don’t want to have a big chunky wallet to tote around with you.


These next items are super special. First, we have two hilarious books that I could not stop looking at while I helped out at our table this past week. Both books are adorable and never fail to make me laugh. These books will be a part of our giveaway that is coming up, so make sure to be watching out instagram page for more details!



Our last item is a Forge Divide Travel Mug by Camelbak! These mugs/bottles are insulated and prevent any leaks or spills from happening. They can be used anywhere at any time and are super easy to have with you. This item will also be in our social media giveaway!

Make sure to follow @HCSonomaState on instagram for a chance to get a first look at our giveaway. Follow our page to keep up with any details about our giveaway so you are the first to know!

Hi there! My name is Hannah. I am a freshman here at Sonoma State University. I am originally from Southern California and have never lived in Northern California until now. I am in the Hutchin's Program and aspire to be a teacher in the near future!
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