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Ways to show off your creativity and uniqueness is easier than ever, especially with the multitude of options that are offered through the app store! Photography apps and editing photos are a way to make the photos more appealing to the audience, specifically when sharing on social media with apps like Instagram. This is will bring more likes, comments and a larger following to the page by your style and aesthetic while also presenting your character.

To start, an app that will take a photo through a filter is called Huji. This app brings the experience of an old school, disposable camera when taking the photo. It even takes time for the photo to “develop.”  When the photo is done, a time stamp will be added and adds a retro filter.   

Next is an app called Glitch. This will give your photos a 3D effect and vibrant additions. This is not commonly used, so its a great opportunity to be different from the crowd. This is for the people who want to bring a photo to life, but can also add destruction to it. This app can transform your original photo into something completely different by adding multiple layers and effects.

Another way to add to your Instagram or Facebook is to make Instagram or Facebook stories! Having still pictures is fun, but using motion graphics and moving texts will make the photos lively and more engaging. Apps such as Adobe Sparks and Hype Text add awesome animation to the captions can pan or fade photos and filters may also be added through these apps.

On Instagram, you can save your stories to specific highlights on your profile! By customizing the theme of your highlights you create an aesthetic for your feed. Your profile will appeal to your target audience and bring more engagement to your page.

Templates are a fun way to give your pictures character by adding color to your Instagram Story. It gives you the opportunity to show off your color scheme and originality! One graphic design app that can help with templates is Canva! On Canva there are many different templates to choose from and can help spark your creativity and show your followers your overall passion.

Aside from the filters and editing, taking a good picture is the main priority to display your creativity. One way to have a solo photoshoot if your friends aren’t available is with the Apple Watch. You guessed it! there is an app for that. On your Apple Watch, you can set a timer to take the shot right from your wrist. If you do not have an Apple Watch, there are Bluetooth devices that will do just the trick. Photoshoots by yourself have never been any simpler!

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