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CSU Strike Cancelled, Teachers Win!

This week the California State University teachers planned a strike on all twenty- three campuses.  The CSU teachers across California planned to stand on the picket line to strike for better faculty wages. On April 8th the CSU reached a compromise with their faculty. This compromise gives CSU faculty 10.5% over the next three years. According to Chancellor Tim White, the 10.5% increase will cost the Cal State system about $200 million. Administrators have identified about $68 million so far. White also argued that the faculty demands would mean less funding to increase enrollment and support important student programs; however the salary increases will now be paid out over time, so funding for these priorities will not be cut. Although the strike is over, many ask why were faculty members going to strike anyway? CSU faculty was fed up with their low wages. According to the California Faculty Association, The average CSU faculty salary as of 2015 was $46,000. The CFA compared this to UC tenure faculty who have had salary increases since the recession and now make up to $136,000.

Faculty members are all relived that the strike has been dismissed due to a compromise. Faculty members across the CSU were getting paid so low that many could not afford to lose weeks worth of pay. The CFA says that many part-time, non-tenure faculty are making as little salary as $28,000. For a family of four, that salary brings them close to the national poverty line. Through the hours of teaching, grading, communing, answering questions and much more, CSU faculty works with passion and love for their work every day. Although many faculty members work for their students and not for their salary, it was unfair to be placing passionate and well deserving faculty members close to the poverty line.  CSU faculty deserves this raise due to their incredible efforts with their students. Although many students with out a doubt would have loved a couple days off, they are happy their faculty is being given what they deserve.


Samantha is a first year communications major and a bay area native. Although still unsure of what she wants to do with her major, she knows that she loves writing. In high school she was yearbook editor both junior and senior year. Her other hobbies include swimming, hiking, baking and staying up late watching old full house reruns.
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