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Clinton Faces Criticism for Case of Pneumonia

Attention everyone: Hillary Clinton is human.

I know, I know, you’ve been told she’s a frigid hell-bitch. And no one likes her. And she’s some kind of demon.

No, dear reader, Hillary is human just like the rest of us. And she has…pneumonia.

I know! How dare she get sick! And she lied about it?! APPALLING.

She said she wasn’t sick, and then she fainted, so now we can’t trust her, clearly.

Come on.

At this moment, half of my school is sick. I have a cold, and I hate being sick! I will deny it, blame it on allergies, or simply say i’m tired as I choke down DayQuil and sniffle my way through class. Does anyone actually believe me? Of course not, everyone stays way the hell away and grimaces through the sympathetic “aw noooo”.

So why is Hillary getting shit?!


#unfit #nothillary #nogermsinthewhitehouse

And honestly, this is not a new phenomenon. Do people think Obama never caught a cold while in office? Or that our presidents have just magically stayed at the peak of health while in office? No. For God’s sake, Roosevelt had polio and was in a wheelchair. But Clinton sneezes and suddenly she’s some kind of devil for deceiving us with her ability to, you know, suck it up like the rest of us and go on with her work. But FDR was so brave! He was sacrificing for his country! He was also lying about his health. Hm.

Is the campaign trail not incredibly difficult? Is working to become the next president easy? No! It’s grueling, exhausting work, and anyone who gets through campaign season without an illness is basically nonhuman. Hillary is working her ass off for this position, to help her country and it’s people and yes, her career. Clinton is a politician through and through, Type A personality to the core, and she will never quit. I can relate to that, as can all of my fellow working students and Type A-peeps, I’m sure.

And god forbid she own it from the beginning; she would have been just as criticized or doubted.

This feeling of entitlement we have towards public figures really has to end, or at least tone down. Clinton does need to be transparent, it’s true. She’s under a microscope right now, and the world is watching her every move. And yes, weaknesses are worrying. And yes, pneumonia presents a health risk for older people. But come on!!! A cold is personal! Who would want to reveal their phlegm production for all the world to see, when it’s something she clearly felt confident in handling herself? At the end of the day, it is her body. Stop policing people’s bodies. Stop criticizing people’s every move, or sneeze, or cough. Be kinder. Be more open minded. Be smarter. #i’mwithher

*Screenshots are from this article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/12-perfect-responses-to-hillary-clin…

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