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Campus Celebrity – Amanda Burke

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

Campus Celebrity Amanda Burke
“Burke does work!” will forever remain a popular slogan around campus thanks to Student Government leader Amanda Burke.  This week’s Campus Celebrity grew up in Concord before coming to SSU to major in Communications Studies.  During her four years here, Burke made a name for herself in student government and beyond.
“I first started out my involved career at SSU as a University 102 peer mentor during my sophomore year,” said Burke.  “Then I decided to run for ASI [Associated Students Inc.] which is now known as AS, we took out the I.  First I was the senator for Arts and Humanities so I helped A&H students relay their problems to the Dean, and now I’m the community affairs senator.  I basically am the general liaison between the school and the city.”
Burke has always been passionate about helping others, especially students, in problem solving and coming up with the perfect solution for everyone.
“That’s always been a great experience to advocate for students and their rights to the administration while running a 1.4 million dollar corporation based on student fees and what not,” said Burke.  “I’ve also participated in a club called The Student Alumni Ambassadors, which bridged the gap between students, faculty, and Alumni.”
In addition to student leadership on campus, Burke also found time to join the sorority Alpha Xi Delta.  During her time with Alpha Xi, Burke held many positions but was most known as her role as philanthropy chair where she worked very closely with the organization Autism Speaks. 
“I love my sisters, TFJ to them,” said Burke.  “On top of everything I’m involved in, I also work at Charlie Browns and serve the people their coffee.”
This senior is getting ready to graduate with Public Relations and radio focus.  She’s currently focused on TV and news thanks to her internship.
“I intern at ABC7 news,” said Burke.  “I intern in both the newsroom, inputting footage into the system for them to use for the shows and I also work at the assignment desk, looking through the twitter accounts and seeing who they’re following, how to generate stories and making phone calls on updates of things in the area.”
Burke has made a name for herself here on campus.  It’s no wonder shouts of “Burke does work” follows her where ever she goes!

Alexandra Schwarz is a senior at Sonoma State University located in Northern California. As a Communications major with a double focus in public relations and writing, she hopes to pursue a media career upon graduation in May of 2012. While attending Sonoma State, she has been an active leader for the campus in the Residential Life department in both the dorms and classroom life and was even invited to attend a national leadership conference (NACURH). When she's not managing the Sonoma State Her Campus branch, she spends her time traveling with EF College Break through her internship as a campus manager. She is also an active member in her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, as well as a public relations intern for an art gallery. Her hobbies include crafting, traveling, reading, dancing, cooking, and trying new things. Fun fact: she has met Darren Criss of Glee!