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6 Hookups You Have in Your 20’s

College is a time for experimentation. Most students experiment with alcohol, some with drugs, and most experiment with sex. We have all experienced different sexual encounters during our college time and some may be more ‘experienced’ than others. However, this is a judgment free zone where we can reminisce on the wild, kinky, and sometimes regrettable sex that we have all experienced throughout the years. While we reminisce together it is important to keep in mind that practicing safe sex is sexy…no glove, no love.

For the purpose of our time here we will use the term ‘hook-up’ to mean anything with hands or mouth, otherwise were talkin’ about the real deal. And that brings us to our first college hookup….

Drunken Hookup

When you hook-up with the same guy at different parties but don’t totally remember his name. He may be in one of your classes or just a cute guy you picked up one night. This hook-up is exciting and mysterious and should be agreed upon by both parties!

Girl on Girl

Since college is a time for experimentation, you will probably end up with some crazy college stories. LIke the time you made out with your BFF. This is usually the result of a drunk night, New Year’s Eve, or just because. Maybe it will be a one time this…but probably not. You may even end up going to second base.

Sex in Public

When you find an alleyway or a bathroom in a bar and go to pound town. Another form of sex where alcohol or pure spontaneity are involved. Many have tried this in the school library, and you should consider yourself lucky if you are successful.

One Night Stand?…. Or Two Night Stand?

When you hook-up with someone (a stranger or a friend) for one night only. Sometimes this leads to a two-night stand but is usually not talked about after the fact. And this is probably a result of some type of alcohol consumption! Alcohol is always to blame.

Period Sex

When you’re too horny to ignore the blood so you do it anyway. You have probably been dating this guy for awhile before this happens (or not…) But way to go girl. Power to ya!

Keep it Casual

When you accidentally have sex with someone (probably a friend because you were drunk) but you realize the sex is amazing and don’t want to jeopardize your friendship so you decide to ‘keep it casual’. Be warned, this type of sex most often always ends up with one party having feelings which complicates the whole casual thing. But as long as you can keep your feelings on lock… keep on grindin’!


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