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10 Things You Know if You’re an Introverted Leader

1. Preparation is key.

Every presentation or meeting takes preparation. While you can totally succeed on the spot if it comes down to it, why would you not prepare heavily for something that is going to require so much of your energy?

2. You connect differently

True connections to people take more than just a hello. You can network, don’t get me wrong, but deep connections with your colleagues and peers happen after multiple interactions and personal conversations. It takes time, but your connections are worth it.

3. You’re more likely to maintain those connections.

This is why you’re such a valuable leader, but it’s also your Achilles heel. Connections with others, especially those you work so closely with in leadership positions, are extremely meaningful to you. As other introverts, your connections are deep and lasting, and it can be really painful when those people let you down.

4. Sometimes you have to say no

As an introvert, you need your alone time. That can be hard when you establish yourself as a reliable leader, because others lean on you. You might still be learning how, but sometimes as an introverted leader you have to practice saying no. You want to do all of your responsibilities and be a leader to everyone, but you need to let yourself recharge.

5. You don’t mind stepping back

Honestly, it’s a relief. If someone else wants to lead the conversation, that’s all good, because you need to recharge anyways.

6. Risks are scary

Introverts have a tendency to overthink, especially when it comes to leadership situations. You take extra care to ensure the next step is the right one; this is where preparation comes in. It’s really important that all the options are considered. What even is spontaneity?

7. You’d prefer to work alone

Group work isn’t necessarily bad, it just isn’t where you thrive. As a leader, you’d probably prefer to work by yourself. You spend a lot of time in your head and it honestly takes so much effort to explain to someone else everything you’re thinking. You don’t mind taking the contributions of others, you’d just rather go to them when you’re ready.

8. Balancing takes a lot of effort

You tend to be involved in everything you can be, but it takes work. You are big on scheduling and punctuality is important.

9. You have to schedule in personal time

Personal time, by yourself, is extremely important to recharge. You love being a leader and love being involved, but it can be absolutely exhausting! You probably have personal time written down and scheduled out, to be honest.

10. You’re just as effective as extroverted leaders

There’s a myth that introverts don’t make good leaders because they “don’t like to socialize” but you know this isn’t true. You like to socialize just fine, you just need to be by yourself to recharge. Introverts actually make great leaders, and no leadership organization is complete without them.



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Rebecca Robinson is a full-time student at Sonoma State University studying Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. She's a political enthusiast, over-thinker, and avid Netflix user. Originally from San Jose, Rebecca is a proud Niners Fan and Orange Sauce Connoisseur. If she isn't studying or writing, she's reading inspirational quotes on the internet, procrastinating, or begging her cats to love her.
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