A review of Buzzfeed videos and quizzes

Like any other millennial, I spend most of the hours in a day enjoying Buzzfeed content.  Whether it be watching videos from their many different YouTube channels, reading articles and opinion pieces, or taking a quiz to see which slice of pizza I am, Buzzfeed is a kryptonite of mine that can keep me entertained for hours. Their “Tasty” series has inspired me to be a decent chef and their DIY posts have helped me spend more money on stuff I didn’t need in order to make my dorm room cooler.  Buzzfeed's website is filled with great and useful content that people are starting to really recognize, but the one part of Buzzfeed that perplexes me are the quizzes.  Buzzfeed puts out hundreds of quizzes each day and they have some pretty interesting titles.  I see ones similar to “We can tell how old you are based on your sushi order” and “How well do you know song lyrics from Hercules?” every day.  I wonder a lot how viewers can see all the quizzes that are put up on the website.  There are so many that come out each day that it’s impossible to participate in all of them.  

I think it’s safe to say that Buzzfeed's YouTube videos and quizzes are the most popular things about the company.  These are just the two features that people will recognize them for the most.  After scrolling through the quizzes and videos for a few minutes, I was able to see that putting out a lot of content is what’s really important to them.  Maybe that’s why they have quizzes titled “Can You Identify These "Simpsons" Characters Just By Their Silhouette?” and two minute long videos of people taste testing food.  So far they are aiming for quantity over quality which I have noticed former employees mention when they discuss why they left Buzzfeed.  Buzzfeed quizzes are ridiculous, but I love them.  I am a lot more entertained by their videos, but the quizzes are a good pastime when you are bored in class or maybe want to get some interesting insight about yourself.  They offer all this and more.  I have yet to understand how they come up with all the ideas for their iconic videos and quizzes, but I will continue to be my normal millennial self and keep up with the latest Buzzfeed content until the trend sadly dies and Buzzfeed becomes a distant memory.   

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