Revealing The Mind of Jake Paul


From funny music videos to comedy reactions, Shane Dawson, who has 18 million subscribers, changed his perspective of YouTube to revealing the truth towards famous YouTubers. Shane Dawson started making documentaries on situations many people have questioned about Youtubers around July of 2018.

It all started when Shane Dawson started revealing the truth of Tanacon meetup concert that was a disaster for fans. He showed the world on how her manager created the problem and how she was treated badly. Another series he did was the life of Jeffree Star. Shane Dawson expressed on how Jeffree Star life was luxury on the outside, but how it was a struggled to grow up being bullied as well as creating his own makeup line all by himself. Now, he is now creating a series that created a social media breakout, The Mind of Jake Paul.

If you don’t know Jake Paul, he started from Vine and made his way up slowly in his career.  He was in a Disney channel show “Bizaardvark” in 2016, but was fired due to his YouTube videos he was posting. He was posting videos of his team called “Team 10” that were doing dangerous stunts as well as comments that can offend kids who were watching. He posted videos such as being rude to channel news, setting a pool on fire, and many dangerous stunts that can be harmful towards kids. The main situation that happened was his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. Alissa Violet claimed in a video she posted on how Jake mentally abused her and made her life a living hell. She stated "He knew exactly what he was doing to me. He would play all these mind games. He would literally tell me he loved me one day, then tell me he hates my f--king guts the next day... I was literally insane.” This created back to back videos from Jake Paul and his team to Alissa and her recent boyfriend. Recently, Jake Paul had a wrestling fight with a famous Youtuber named Deji. He posted videos of him working out, reacting to Deji, and comments that were harsh. This created more hate towards Jake Paul and making Shane Dawson to believe he if he is a sociopath.

Logan Paul, Jake Paul’s brother, conveys on how Shane Dawson is going too far.  In a video response to Shane Dawson documentary, Logan Paul says first “Dear Shane Dawson, you are scaring the children!”Logan Paul, a famous Youtuber such as Jake Paul, starred in movies such as “The Thinning.”. He expresses in the video on how Shane Dawson is a great man but says the title ‘Sociopath’ is misleading and can mislead people on how they see his brother Jake as.

Now, Shane Dawson in his recent videos has recently revealed on who Jake Paul is. Shane Dawson brought a therapist named Kati Morton (also a Youtuber) investigated with Shane Dawson in disguised saying to be a producer for Shane. She expressed on how Jake Paul and everyone was nice but did not talk to Jake Paul yet of her true identity.  Shane Dawson in these videos studied about the effects of a Sociopath and so far implied on how he might not be. He also met up with Jake Paul’s old manager, Nick Crompton, who quit while living with Jake Paul and Team 10.  Nick expresses “It's a bunch of people living together, just having fun. But we were making money at the same time and it was a business… everyone that's a bit older knows that it's all fake… And everything just started not being what it was supposed to be. And I didn't like it.” This created news and social media to explode on learning the truth of Jake Paul.




The Mind of Jake Paul series is still continuing. Shane creates this series as a new step of YouTube on a different perspective. Jake Paul hopes people can see the truth that no one else has seen as well as the people who hate him can change their perspective on who they thought Jake Paul is.