The TALKING Purgatory and How to Get Out of It

You know what I love? Sure, I love relationships and the stability of it; but I really love the “talking phase.” Well, love-hate might be a better name for it. I love it, and I hate it. I love how it makes me feel — jittery, alive, and like a little girl dancing with dandelions. But I also hate how it makes me feel — insecure, uncertain, vulnerable, and that ego struggle! Who gets to text first after how many minutes… who calls whom first after how many dates… gosh! That’s exhausting! 

So here are some tips for all of you in who are in that awkward dating purgatory of “talking.”


Crazy? Yes, maybe — but is it crazier than you waiting around your phone all the time to see if you have a text or not? Is it crazier than sometimes hearing that phantom “ding” and rushing to see if it was him (or her) or not and realizing that the sound came from inside your head? You see, you can keep the magical perks of “talking” alive without the whole exhausting pull-push thing going on. Just call, and see what happens. The worst thing that can happen to you is that (s)he doesn’t answer. Then leave a cute voicemail. If that’s going to scare them away, they’re no good anyway. 

That’s it. I don’t have anything else for you. That’s the one and only tip I have for all of you out there who are loving and hating the “talking” phase you are currently stuck in. Whether (s)he is a coworker, classmate, an old friend, or someone whom you met at the beach, just call. And who knows, maybe they’ll pick up the phone and you guys might actually start “talking.”