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What may seem like a giant leap for those of us with a couple of years to go is the next step for many of our fellow students graduating this semester. Although stepping into the unknown might seem scary, trust that you've been prepared with the skills necessary to thrive in whatever you choose to do after graduation. Here's what some of our Soka seniors see as their next steps!

After graduation, I will be working full time while applying to a Dual Degree Masters program in Madrid, Spain for a Masters in Consumer Behavior and Market Research along with a second Masters in Management. I aspire to work for an international NGO and promote a cause that I am passionate about - Karla R.

Attend Seattle University School of Law - Vanesa R.

I would like to take a gap year before going back to school - Valerie O.

Go back home and work as I figure out direction - Saul H.

Work and study abroad and then grad school next year - Shania D.

Stay in SoCal and find a job - Risa N.

Work and law school - Ellen K.

Travel - Alexander W.


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