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How to Stay Cool for the Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Soka chapter.

With climate change on the rise, it feels like each California summer is breaking records. With temperatures on the rise it’s important to take steps to avoid getting overheated. Here’s what we’re doing to stay cool for the summer!

With some watermelon Amanda B.

Drink cold water or eat some ice cream  – Miku O.

Pool or beach. A piña colada never hurts. I’ve gone to sokafe to get a piña colada and then took it to sit by the pool. Underrated Soka activity— you really feel like you are living in a resort – Claire N.

Swimming, preferably at the beach, and eating ice creamSophie R.

Yogurt and drink lots of water – Supriya S.

Going to the pool and keeping drinks in the fridge so they’ll be cool and ready to drink in emergency heat situations – Monet S.

Ice cream and poolAnju O.