Your Starbucks Drink Guide for Every Finals Feeling

Finals week is upon us, which means two things: you're about to feel every feeling in the book, and you're about to be consuming more Starbucks than ever before. Here's the list of what you should be drinking and when:

Determined The Pink Drink

You’ve got study-spo aesthetic like no other. Your notes are color-coded. Your schedule is lined out. Everything is perfect. You have just arranged your perfect study corner complete with notecards, snacks and every resource ever known to man. The pink drink will keep you energized with the sweetness of coconut milk—plus, the color will match your highlighters.

Distracted The S'mores Frapuccino

Let's face it, you can't keep your mind on studying for longer than two minutes. And how could you? The weather is gorgeous. There's Netflix to watch. It's pretty much summer already. So you might as well be drinking something that tastes like summer in a cup.

Hardworking Carmel Macchiato

This isn't the time to goof around on Buzzfeed or Snapchat. You aren't in this study session for the looks, you're in it for the glory. You're here to get As and drink coffee— and you're not quite out of coffee. Grab something motivating and good to keep you upbeat, like the carmel macchiato, and keep your mood up as long as you can. This is how you'll get the most work done.

Stressed Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea

We've all been there: the study guide includes nothing that you've learned. You have three exams on one day. There's five papers looming in the distance. Honestly, you're about to have a mental breakdown. Maybe you've already had one. It's okay. Grab some tea designed to keep you calm, take a few minutes to breathe and relax, then keep going. You can do this.

Asleep Iced Americano

You don't know who the sadistic monster was that put your final at 8am on a Saturday, but you don't care, you want them dead. I mean really, when was the last time you got up that early on a Saturday? You need coffee to kick yo into high gear, and fast, or you honestly will sleep the whole three hours of the exam using your booklet as a pillow. So, grab an Iced Americano. It's sweet and there's 225 mg of caffeine in a grande — more than any other drink!

Dead Espresso

It's late. Time has no meaning. How long have you been in the library? No one knows. You've stared at your textbook until your eyes have glazed over. Your study guide still doesn't make sense. You're seriously considering dropping out to be a professional Instagram model, except given the current dark circles under your eyes, you're not sure how successful you would be. You need caffeine hooked in an IV as Lorelai Gilmore would say. You need straight shots of espresso.

Free Plain Mocha

It’s done. You’re free. The last test has been taken. The semester is over. All of your hard work has paid off. Celebrate with a large cup of mocha — it’s perfect for a sweet reward (or for pouring Kahlua into, because honestly, you earned it!)