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Why We’re Praying for Season Two of “So Cosmo” and You Should Too

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

Cosmopolitan magazine has been educating and empowering women of all ages on fashion, beauty, sex, fitness, and politics since 1965. Cosmo girls have always recognized that our authentic power originates from the inside, but great hair and a long lasting lipstick strengthens our outside.

The E! docuseries “So Cosmo” is the latest guilty pleasure for those of us dying to know the nitty gritty of the NYC Cosmopolitan staffers. The show is full of behind-the-scenes fashion and beauty shoots. Who can forget the interview with Evan Betts for fitness contributor? Brand Coordinator, Diandra Barnwell, was all over him helping to display his muscular strength. Where is the posting for that internship?!

In the first season, viewers also got a peek into the professional and personal lives of the editors. Joanna Coles is the chief content officer for Hearst publications and rules the So Cosmo staff with a strong disposition and seems to do her best thinking while walking on her treadmill in heels. The editors appear glamorous, but the working hours seem exhausting.

The series of course contains many scripted scenes and lines, but we are really just living for the fashion and the fantasy of seeing Evan’s abs on the daily. “So Cosmo” lives up to its name and we’re praying for a season two!

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