Why I Decorate For Christmas on November 1

I decorate for Christmas on November 1. 

Yes – controversial, I know. I’ve seen the disapproving stares of the killjoys who claim that it’s too early.

My response? Once we’re past Halloween, Christmas decorations are fair game – and you bet I’m going to be blasting all the Christmas carols and sipping a chestnut praline latte while hanging approximately 9878187 ornaments on my tree.

After all, it’s Jesus’ birthday. You wouldn’t want his party to be lame, WOULD YOU?

So you have to get in the spirit early. It’s logic. In fact, I present to you here three reasons why I think everyone should start decking the halls on November 1. 

  1. 1. They're Lit. Literally. 

    *An actual representation of me after decorating my house*

    I don't know about you, but I can spend many a wintry night driving around the neighborhood looking at everyone's lights. They're all so pretty! It's also interesting to see each house's take on Christmas spirit. Some people like to have super extravagant and organized light displays coordinated to music, others have a more classic approach. Every year, one of the houses in my hometown has a HUGE display complete with a giant tree, sheets of lights on the roof – which alternate between writing "Merry Christmas!" and animated snowflakes, a line of reindeer, a North Star, a nativity, and several smaller decorations all coordinated to a playlist of classic Christmas songs. TL; DR putting up Christmas lights can boost the spirits of an entire neighborhood, and they're very aesthetically pleasing in a festive way. This season, put some hot chocolate in a thermos and pack some cookies and go explore your neighborhood!

  2. 2. Science Says They Make You Happier.

    Christmas decorations put you in the Christmas spirit. When you're in the Christmas spirit, you're generally happier. Putting the lights up earlier = tapping into that happiness for a longer period of happiness. It's been proven, gals and pals. 

  3. 3. You Can Enjoy the Actual Holiday Season More if You're Not Stressed About Putting Up Decorations. 

    *Me, friends and family chillaxing in December while all the anti-November 1 people are just starting to put up their decorations*

    Why waste the prime of the Christmas season scrambling to hang up the lights and decorate the Christmas tree? If you do it way early in the fall or winter (Is November fall or winter? Please let me know.) then you can spend more time actually admiring the decorations or participating in other activities, like ice skating, making cookies, looking at other people's lights (see #1) or binge-watching the Hallmark Christmas movies. Yes, Hallmark Christmas movies. They are the best. 

With that evidence, it’s nearly impossible to not join the November 1 club! Happy holiday season!