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Who’s who at SMU: the men

Everything has pros and cons associated with it. Take pizza for example. It’s so good it’s hands down one of the best foods ever created. The con: how many minutes it takes on the Stairmaster to burn off all the carbs. Buying a new pair of shoes? Yay new shoes! But now you have no money for Starbucks.

Boys are no different. In college there are thousands of guys strolling around that are just waiting to be met. The hot football player from high school is just a distant memory now as you stare at the California surfer in your Discourse and Discernment class. Who is he? Now the plan is, how to run into him at the next Sigma Chi party or at Umph (please not on the day you’re not wearing any makeup).

Tap the breaks there though sweetheart. Just like pizza and shoes, every boy has his pros and cons too. Sometimes hooking up with the hottie down the hall or your lab partner works out great…and sometimes it doesn’t.

The (Older) Lab Partner

Oh geology lab. There were so many boys to pick from in that class. I went for the older fraternity guy. It worked out great.

PRO: Not only did he make his older friends help me out with my classes (not just geology, I’m talking psychology and stats too), I have been invited to two formals, a boat party and an away weekend. So like, it was a good deal.

CON: One of the older girls in my sorority used to date him and he cleverly never told me until another older girl informed me.

The older guy can open up a whole new world of possibilities, just be sure that he didn’t use to date your best friend’s big’s roommate’s best friend.

The Guy Down the Hall

He’s so hot. Like where did he come from? Atlanta or Heaven? It doesn’t matter, he so gorgeous and you would ‘Netflix and Chill’ with him any day.

PROS: If you stay chill about it, it could be really fun. It’s nice to have a make out friend or a cuddle buddy to come home to after a long night at OT.

CON: Don’t think that he will fall in love with you, so just keep it chill and don’t get overly clingy. It could get weird if you do. Like mega awkward on the way to the bathroom or laundry.

But honestly go for it, especially if you’re a freshman. What do you have to lose? So he doesn’t like you or ask you to a formal. A little awkwardness a floor meetings never killed anybody.

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The Classmate

He’s always so nice and helps you review before tests. You think there’s nothing there and then he asks you to formal. You’re a little blindsided (not gonna lie) because you don’t even sit next to each other. Well who knows? I guess give it a try…?

PRO: You have a go-to formal date, study buddy and potential boyfriend. Gucci.   

CON: If it fails and he is in your major that could be a little weird. If he’s in a different school and you rarely run into him, then don’t worry about it.

There’s not a real disadvantage here. Like Nike says, just do it.

The Smoldering Party Hottie

He looks like he stepped out of a catalog and you pray that he is at every party you go to so you can bump (and grind) into him.

PRO: He’s hot and you got to home with him. Yay you!

CON: He probably knows that he is cute. If you’ve seen him take a lot of girls home, then you’re just another girl. If you don’t want to just be another sorority pin under his bed or you’re looking for something more meaningful than a one night stand, abort mission.

Every girl gets the chance to go home with the hot guy, it’s up to you whether you want to be categorized as one of “those” girls or not. If you don’t want to be associated with a man-whore, don’t do it. If you don’t care, go for it (but report back on whether it’s great or not).

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The Best Friend

He’s helped you move, been there to see you get too drunk for the first time and he’s your #1 homie. Everybody thinks you’ll eventually get together, but should you? Maybe give it a try after a few drinks? (This is the hardest one to work through btw).

PRO: It works out and you found the love of your life.

CON: It doesn’t work out and everything could potentially be ruined.

If you’ve found a good guy friend it isn’t worth it to ruin the relationship with a drunken hookup. You might be curious, and believe me he is too, but it’s a really bad idea. It is so rare to find a good guy friend, who will sit there while you cry or let you pick the Disney movie, so don’t destroy it. You might not get invited to his fraternity formal, but he will respect you and that’s worth a lot (okay is doesn’t seem like it now, but you’ll thank me in two or three years). BUT if you really feel like there could be a happy ending there, then it’s worth a try.

Pro Tip: See how he has handled other relationships before you dive into one with him, because he may a great friend but a bad boyfriend and cause you a lot of trouble.

There are so many guys to meet while you’re in college. Be chill, don’t be crazy and just go with the flow. Everything happens for a reason. Just respect yourself and remember you’re here for an education. Most people forget that in college. 

CarleeAnn Allen is a senior at Southern Methodist University majoring in Journalism and Psychology. Between finding new places to eat and pretending she has her life together, she enjoys taking naps and being active in her sorority.
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