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Which Ariana Grande Gif Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Since Ariana Grande’s latest (record-breaking) album, thank u, next, debuting February 8, the world has become a more beautiful place. So, the obligatory Ariana Grande-themed zodiac post must follow. We’ve all been wondering, “what version of Ariana Grande describes me the best?” Well, look no further. Here’s your Ari gif predicted perfectly based on your Zodiac sign.



Surely a fire sign, Aries just DGAF.



What would a Taurus say if you asked them to leave the house without incentive of food?



Oh, the fun times you have with a Gemini!



Cancers are the go to support friend, hype man, and shoulder to cry on. 



Do we really need to say more? 



Have you ever met a Virgo who isn’t totally on top of it?



Libras live for the aesthetic, and nothing says aesthetic quite like diamonds!



Passionate and emotional, just like a Scorpio.



Girls just wanna have fun!



Sometimes portrayed as ruthless, the determined Capricorn just knows how to get what they want.



Friendly and intelligent, an Aquarius is a fun friend to have.



Something about this part of thank u, next was almost as sensitive and nostalgic as a Pisces

Jaymie is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. She is most definitely addicted to coffee and loves glitter, flowers, and all things fuzzy. A true El Paso native, she is a huge fan of Khalid, appreciates some good Mexican food, and loves hiking. catch her on Instagram: @jaymiepaigeruddock
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