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What Your Favorite Drink Says About You and Your Personality

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

Upon approaching a bar, whether it be at Trophy Room or an off campus house, we all have our go-to-alcohol-drink-of-preference. Over the years, I’ve found that people with similar personalities tend to indulge in similar drinking habits:

1. The Wine Drinkers

You people are either one of three things: A. You like to stay in, make home cooked meals, and catch up on your latest recorded TV episode while enjoying wine along the way B. You genuinely don’t mind the taste, but love how quickly you feel intoxicated C. You are in college and still play slap the bag with Franzia.

(If you’re a female and fall into the A or B categories, you most likely also love Scandal, you have definitely poured wine into a water bottle to pregame with, you love airports/ airplanes for their endless supply of mini plastic wine bottles, and your favorite holiday is either Christmas (if you’re a Christian) or Thanksgiving (if you’re American)…and if you don’t celebrate either of those, you probably don’t go to SMU)

2. The Beer Drinkers

If you’re not Boulevarding or watching a game, you’re drinking beer because you still haven’t decided which direction you want your night to go. You may be hungover from the night before, or have to wake up early for a presentation the next morning, but no matter what the circumstances are, you’re the kind of person that’ll always be down for a beer. Overall, you’re a laid back, open minded, and go with the flow type person.

3. The Mixed Drink Drinkers

You’re “just trying to get drunk.” Oh, and you’re solely in it for the booze, not for the calories. (Especially if you’re drinking a Vodka Soda or Rum & Diet). On the other hand, if your drink of choice is a Gin & Tonic, then you’re a sophisticated badass; mature and not too shy to show older generations that our age can drink gin.

4. The Margarita Drinkers

Wherever you are, you’re dedicated to making it a great night (or day). You love traveling, partying, sleeping, and after consuming a couple of these, trying to speak with the bartender in broken Spanish. Also, to you, tequila shots are never out of the question as long as there’s a spare lime lying around.

5. The Daiquiri Drinkers

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person order a daiquiri anywhere other than outside of the US, so this can only mean one thing: You are bold. But more importantly, you’re nostalgia for spring break is so overwhelming, you couldn’t help but make the purchase. You’re clearly a great time, you love to party and be with friends, and you have most likely raged at Mango Deck in Cabo.

6.  The Long Island Ice Tea Drinkers

You’re looking not to remember anything. This drink can’t really be accurately applied to a personality; but rather, to a mindset. To name a few applicable situations: 21st birthday celebrations, a freshman’s Saturday afternoon at The Rustic, Homebar, away weekends, and the like.

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