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Top Ten Twitter Accounts to Follow

Social networking sites have integrated so much into our culture, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become verbs to just about everyone. “Are you going to Instagram that photo?” shortly after a photo is taken or even “Facebook me!” to that girl you met who you think could be your new friend. However, Twitter isn’t for posting photos or updating statuses, but instead can be a place for a good laugh if you know the right accounts to follow. For those new to Twitter, or have forgotten to check their Twitter page in awhile, here is a list of the top ten Twitter accounts to follow:

10. @betchesluvthis OR @totalbetchmove. Even though they are different accounts, they could be written by the same betch. Both of these accounts are a collection of what total betches say behind closed doors. Reading the twitter pages you can’t help but let out a laugh at the truth behind some of her most ridiculous tweets. SMU was even chosen one of the “Betches love this school” column on her website.

9. @Lord_Voldemort7. For all you Harry Potter lovers out there The Dark Lord never fails to deliver a joke at the expense of any of the Harry Potter characters. Even for those not into the movies or books, Lord Voldemort takes on current events, such as the obsession with Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and puts a Hogwarts twist on it. You won’t be able to deny the hilarity of the mythical tweets from a noseless monster.

8. @Laxtituteprobs. SMU has a club lacrosse team, which every laxtitute at this school has checked out. This account is a spot on portrayal of what it really is like to be a laxtitute at any school, at any age.

7. @txtlastnight. While to some it might seem worn out, texts from last night still remains a top twitter account. It will never get old reading texts that remind you someone out there is more embarrassing than you, that is unless you come across a text you sent the night before.

6. @noadFWP. First World Pains are tweets aof pointless issues that can be really annoying for the average person. The account portrays these pointless issues as first world pains making each tweet funnier than the next. For example one first world pain was “It’s not raining hard enough for gear two of my windshield wiper but its raining too hard for gear one #firstworldpains.”

5. @MensHumor. Anyone who has had a boyfriend or a brother won’t be able to contain their laughter when it comes to men’s humor. It is a hilarious depiction of what men find funny making it a must follow for both men and women. Let’s face it, men are funny.

4. @90sgirlproblem. For all of you who love the 90s (which I assume is everyone who grew up in the 90s) this twitter account is a must follow. She will bring you back to the days of Full House and Tamagotchis. If her tweets alone don’t make you laugh, memories of the outfits you wore will.

3. @fratproblems. Greek life is a dominant force here at SMU making Frat Problems a must follow. This account is a tweet by tweet description of a total frat star lifestyle. This guy’s adventures, explanations, problems, and solutions are enough to keep you smiling all day.

2. @whitegrlproblems. White girl problems is just as ridiculous as total betch move making it addictive to read. Her problems span from over-napping to wondering if the new iPhone 5 will make her look fat. The absurd nature of her tweets make it a perfect study break to cheer you up and clear your mind from that paper you are blocked on.

1. @YesImWaspy. Everyone from the east coast will appreciate how horrible this twitter account really is. Between him anticipating the death of his parents for his inheritance and his lack of motivation to do anything you can’t help but laugh at the things that come out of his mouth…or need I say computer.

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