Tired of Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Getting tired of turkey? I have celebrated 18 Thanksgivings and let me say, turkey is getting kind of boring. It's a hassle, it's expensive, and plenty of things can go wrong when cooking it. My family always cuts turkey with a mini electric saw and watching my dad try not to cut off his fingers is a bit scary! Whether you have a preference for white meat or dark meat, I feel like turkey can be kind of flavorless. I like turkey, but I am so very tired of eating it for holiday meals. Here are a few options of what to cook instead! 

  1. 1. Ham

    Ham is kinda basic, but it has more flavor thank a turkey! Honey glazed is the best way to cook it. Nothing better than a juicy ham!

  2. 2. Lamb

    Can it get any better than a leg of lamb? No, it really can't. Lamb is so tender and full of flavor. Even though the animal itself is adorable, the meat is so delicious. Be unique and eat lamb for Thanksgiving!

  3. 3. Roasted Chicken

    Chicken may not be a special main course, but it's always a safe option! A lot of my relatives, especialy the younger ones, are picky eaters. They like chicken though!Who doesn't like a good roasted chicken? 

  4. 4. Rack of Ribs

    Wanna be super Southern? Cook up some barbeque! You can't get more Texan than that! Ribs may be a tedious process to prepare, but they make for a great feast.

  5. 5. Duck

    Duck might be a little harder to come by, but it's a festive dish! There are many ways to prepare duck and there is never a worng way. It's tender, it's sweet and it's delicious!

  6. 6. Fish

    Throw it back to the first Thanksgiving! Prepare some fish! It's easy and seafood is always available at your local grocery store. Might not be the best meal for a large crowd, but have a small family? Eat some fish!

Hopefully these turkey alternatives will raise your Thanksgiving spirits. No more bland and dry turkey, eat something fun and full of flavor! 

Happy feasting!