Thoughts on Big Little from a Potential Big

The Overwhelm of the Big/Little Process

Once you become a Little, you dream of the day you become a Big. The fun lies in your approach to being a Big. Some girls start crafting the summer before they know they are getting a Little; at SMU that means several months of not being in school and then a full semester to think over what you want to do. I, of course, haven’t started physically putting anything together, however I have done some research on different things I can order and make.

Then the fear sets in. Will the things I order get here in time? How much will I eventually spend? What if she won’t like what I get her? And then, the true panic sets in with the one question that lies in a dark corner of my mind: What if I get Twins and I wasn’t prepared for them? I realize there are girls who would love to have Twins, but I’m only thinking about one right now. What happens if someone tells me last minute that I have to scramble to prepare for a second? I’d do it, because I’d do anything for my Little(s) but I honestly have anxiety over those thoughts.

Trying to Be Original in a World of Pinterest Inspiration

So many pictures of bin day, the srat swag, the reveal costumes. There is so much overload on everything that has already been done before, that I feel hopeless in trying to create something that no one else has. Canvases are special and important, but I want whatever is written on it to be important and have value in the life of my little. Sure it’s just a piece of art, but a piece of art should inspire. That’s the kind of Big I want to be. I want to inspire her to be the best woman she can be. For example, my Big made an email account and sent me such heartwarming messages about how much of an amazing Little I was. I really did feel special, and I need my Little to feel the same way.

Incorporating Family Traditions

As with any family, Greek Families are no different when it comes to traditions. In my family, everyone has the same necklace given to them during Big/Little. Within my family line, my Big gave me a blanket that her Big gave to her; now I intend to pass it down to my Little. I know other families have certain restaurants designated solely for their families’ functions.  Depending on how your sorority does things, each family also has a name, which is another fun side of traditions. These traditions add to the memories I’ve had I my sorority and I can’t wait to include my Little in them so she can see how amazing our family is.

Being a Sister

Whether you have siblings or not, knowing how to care for another person is a skill that every human needs to nurture relationships. The Big/Little process is a bit different in every sorority, but the ultimate purpose is the same: to pair two members together to create a mentor-student relationship that betters both parties. Learning from someone older than you is just as important as learning how to impart your life experience on someone younger than you. While we are all sisters, this relationship is one that you would put above almost all other members because they are your Little. As a Little, I see how much of an impact my Big has left on me because I really know how much she unconditionally cares for me. As a Big I want to do the exact same thing. 

Recruitment hasn’t even happened yet, but I know I will find the perfect Little for me and I will care for her with all my heart. That’s all that matters when it comes to being a Big. 

Cover Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash