These are the BEST classes at SMU

It’s the most stressful time of the year again: time to enroll in classes. Maybe you didn’t get the class you wanted. Or maybe you still have no idea what you’re taking. The Her Campus SMU staff is here to help. Here are some of the best classes we’ve taken at SMU.

America’s Dilemma

HRTS 3301

Professor Rick Halperin

“America’s Dilemma: The Struggle for Human Rights is a life changing class. There is a lot of material covered in the course, but it is incredibly engaging and eye-opening.” – Neha Husein, Sophomore

Creative Writing

ENGL 2390

Professor Greg Brownderville

“Creative writing with Brownderville is my favorite class at SMU, because it is a way to practice my creative writing in a fun workshop environment. Greg Brownderville was very supportive and made the class enjoyable for people like me, who love and wish to pursue a career in creative writing, as well as the students who were just taking it for fun.” – Alexis Julien Kopp, Junior

Ethics of Convergent Media*

JOUR 2302

Professor Tony Pederson

“This professor truly cares about his students and the class. Due to this, the class is fascinating and full of videos and graphics - I was never bored! I gained a new perspective for the media/people, president scandals, and famous news stories. Importantly, it's the professor who made the class so great.” — Charlotte Hayward, Junior

Intro to Creativity*

ADV 1321

Professor Willie Baronet

“It's unlike any other class you'll take, as it challenges you to think in ways you wouldn't usually and to create a number of projects that push your creative mind.” – Gabby Grubb, Sophomore

Intro to Newswriting*

DISC 1313

Professor Chris Coats

“Intro to newswriting with Professor Coats because she makes the class fun and the assignments are all interesting!” – Mae Harris, First-year

Magazine Writing

JOUR 3362

Professor Mark Vamos

“Magazine Writing, because you read really interesting stories and get to learn all about the magazine industry.” — India Pougher, Senior

World of Shakespeare

ENGL 1330

Professor Jasper Neel

“World of Shakespeare is an amazing class due to the professor. He is extrememely engaging and makes reading Shakespeare fun.” – Catherine Lehman, Senior

HC Staff also recommends:

Contemporary Moral Problems with Professor John Daley

Business Ethics with Professor Ken Daley

Spanish Literature with Professor Luis Maldonado

Media & the Art of Fashion Design with Professor Kira Plastinina

* = two or more staff writers recommend this class