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Surviving in Dallas with Food Allergies

Many different people have many different allergies, and the most annoying ones to deal with while out with your friends are food allergies. No matter the severity of the reaction or the food you’re allergic to, finding food that does not taste like cardboard can be difficult. Many people take for granted the ability of not having to check every ingredient of every item on the menu, as well as checking the kitchen’s environment (to make sure it is allergy friendly) when choosing a restaurant. But you’re in luck, coming from someone with 4 different food allergies adn sensitivities to countless others, I have compiled a list of food allergy friendly places to eat. This is a list of places in Dallas that your friends (and not just the crazy healthy ones) will want to actually join you in trying. 

1.Nekter: All Fruit and No Allergy.


Image via Nekter


Now, beware that cross contamination with nuts can occur, but if you talk to the employee about your allergy they will take care of you. There are many options for a snack, such as the berry banana blast smoothie, or something that will fill you up more, such as acai superfood bowl. No matter what, I am sure you will find something you will enjoy. 

6712 Snider Plaza, Dallas, Texas 75205

2.True Food Kitchen: allergies, shmallergies


Image via Dallas Culture Map


This food tastes so good and to be honest, you can leave feeling like you are ready to run a marathon. It does not seem you’re eating restrictive due to all of their different options. You must try the chia seed pudding; it is the best dessert I’ve ever had.

8383 Preston Center Plaza Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75225  

3. Chipotle: Something for Everyone 


Image via North Park Center


No dairy, no gluten, no egg, no nuts, no shellfish, no problem. If you cannot have flour or wheat, grab a bowl. If you cannot have any of the toppings, simply choose from the remaining delicious veggies and salsas. You can never get too tired of some good chicken rice combo. 

North Park Center- 7700 N Central Expy, Dallas, Texas 75206

4502 McKinney Ave, Dallas, Texas 75205

4. Penne Pomodoro: It is Italian, who doesn’t like Italian? (said in old Italian mans voice)


Image via Penne Pomodoro


Their gluten free pasta is oh so amazing. I could also eat bread like I was an (almost) normal human being. Everything on their menu gluten free, dairy free or just regular is to die for.

5. Twisted Root: Tons of allergies? No problem!


Image via Dallas Observer


They have an amazing gluten free bun. There are so many options for allergies, and an array of vegetarian, vegan and allergy options. As always if you have any questions the workers are very knowledgeable. 


Don’t get discouraged, and always stay positive about the food your putting in your body. Allergies will not go away, but they can be manageable and even tolerable. Those restaurants listed above are ones where allergies are taken more seriously, here are a few other options that are a bit more risky, but just as delicious.

– Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

-Torchy’s Tacos

– Chick-Fil-A

– Zoe’s Kitchen 

– Pei Wei

– PF Chang’s

– Pie Five

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Miranda is a Junior at Southern Methodist University studying Economics and Psychology, looking forward to a career working within the federal government. She has lived in multiple differnet cities, including Pittsburgh, PA (home), Austin, TX, and Dallas, TX. She is a loving mother to an adorable French Bulldog named Stella. One way to never have a boring conversation is to talk about politics. 
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