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Study Spaces That Aren’t the Library


Got the Fondren blues before finals even begin? Maybe it’s time to ditch the dark and dreary West Stacks for a better study spot. SMU and Dallas are full of great places to write that final paper or cram for that 8 a.m. exam. No matter what your preference or mood, there’s a place for you. We found eight of the best places to study:

  1. Café Brazil

Conveniently located right across 75, this 24/7 café has everything you could need from a coffee to free Wi-Fi to breakfast tacos. Definitely a great late night, last minute cram location.

  1. Klyde Warren Park

Spring has sprung and the best place to enjoy the Dallas weather off-campus is at the brand new Klyde Warren Park in Downtown Dallas. Stop by Eatzi’s on the way for a perfect picnic to enjoy while looking over notes.

  1. Mudsmith

Nestled on Lower Greenville the patio space and warm oak inside create the perfect environment to study with friends or alone. If you’re not into drinking coffee while studying, then never fear because Mudmith is a coffee and wine house. Studious customers 21 and older can order a glass of wine to sip. Ernest Hemingway did say, “Write drunk, edit sober.”

  1. Hawaiian Nail Bar

You’ve had a long, stressful week of papers, tests and presentation- why not reward yourself? Hawaiian Nail Bar, with two locations close to campus is ideal for pampering your feet with a pedicure while memorizing facts and figures. Instead of texting on reading a magazine, bring your homework for the most relaxing study session you’ll ever.

  1. Dedman Rec Center

Who says you have to give up the gym during finals week? In fact, exercising can help to relieve some finals week stress. Hop on one of the stationary bikes with your notes to look over while you sweat and study.

  1. The Union

The recently opened SMU hot spot thrives off catering to the needs of the student body. Open late during finals with free Wi-Fi, comfy couches and plenty of outlets, the Union is a great choice. Proceeds from the fair-traded coffee go to various non-profits in the community, which make this study spot good for the mind and conscious.

  1. Dallas Hall lawn

A campus favorite, the spacious and immaculate lawn outside Dallas Hall is great place to casually study with friends in the shade or soaking up the sun. Make sure to bring a blanket to lay out the grass and check your PerunaNet connection before walking over.

  1. Buzzbrews

This 24/7 breakfast hot spot is similar to Café Brazil, but the Lemmon Ave. location also has live music for less intense studying. Their coffee is unlimited and the atmosphere is unbeaten. 

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