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Staff Spotlight: Meet HCSMU Staff Writer Mae Harris

Our writers spend their days writing about the many opportunities on campus, the nuances of college life and some of the coolest people to meet here at SMU. Today, our team is excited to let our readers get to know more about one of our own, HCSMU staff writer Mae Harris.

Her Campus SMU: What are you studying? 

Mae Harris: I haven’t officially declared anything yet, but I am thinking about majoring in English with a French minor!

HCSMU: What year are you? 

MH: Freshman

HCSMU: What do you do with Her Campus SMU?  

MH: I am a general member writer for Her Campus SMU. 

HCSMU: What other organizations are you involved with (Greek life, volunteering, clubs, etc.)?

MH: I am a part of Mustang Heroes, the community service club on campus, where we volunteer at a local elementary school and work with Reading Partners, an orgnization that helps elementary school students learn how to read and improve their reading comprehension. I am also a general member of Student Foundation, which is really fun because we organize the traditional events on campus like homecoming and Celebration of Lights. Also, I am a member of French Club and worked as an ambassador with SMU Athletics Hospitality. 

HCSMU: What has been your favorite class at SMU? Why?  

MH: I really enjoyed my art history course on British Art and Architecture (ARHS 3351) with Dr. Stryker that I took last semester. I was always interested in art history and excited to finally take a class in college, and I fell in love! This semester I am taking an Intro to International Relations class (PLSC 1380) with Dr. Cavanna, and it has really expanded my world view. We discuss mainly the core theories of foreign policy and international relations, which is fascinating to learn more about!

HCSMU: What does your dream future look like? 

MH: I have been a reading tutor for the past 6-7 years and an avid reader for all of my life, so I want to work to promote children’s literacy across the nation and the globe. Studies show that students who do not read proficiently by the time they are in third grade are four times more likely to not graduate from high school, deterring them from success, and we need to foster a greater awareness surrounding this issue. I also could never live without the company of a dog, so I hope to own a border collie named Daisy.

HCSMU: What has been your favorite adventure to date? 

MH:  A couple years ago I was on vacation in California, but my favorite band, HAIM, was performing at a hotel in Las Vegas, so we drove 8 hours to see them perform that night in the (drained) roof top pool area on the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. It was my first time seeing them live in concert and an unforgettable experience!

HCSMU: What’s the biggest thing on your bucket list right now? 

MH: I’ve always wanted to go to Spain, especially Barcelona! 

India is a former campus correspondent at Southern Methodist University and a former national news blogger at HerCampus.com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @IndiaPougher!
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