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Staff Spotlight: Meet HCSMU Staff Writer Elizabeth Whan

Our writers spend their days writing about the many opportunities on campus, the nuances of college life and some of the coolest people to meet here at SMU. Today, our team is excited to let our readers get to know more about one of our own, HCSMU staff writer Elizabeth Whan.

HCSMU: What are you studying?

EW: I'm a sports management major with minors in advertising and sports performance leadership.

HCSMU: What year are you?

EW: Sophomore 

HCSMU: What other organizations are you involved with?

EW: I'm on Commons Council in Ware and am also the logistics coordinator for the Women's Ambassadors Forum, which is being hosted at SMU this summer.

HCSMU: What has been your favorite class at SMU? Why?

EW: Sports Law (APSM 3332) with Lee Gleiser. She's such a sweet lady and makes a difficult topic incredibly interesting. I also really enjoyed Biomechanics (APSM 3322) with Professor Laura Robinson-Doyle. She's so passionate about teaching us and it's honestly pretty fun to be able to hold an educated conversation about biomechanics; people are typically really impressed.

HCSMU: What does your dream future look like?

EW: I plan to work for an NHL team one day. I have no clue where I'll end up but I'd love to live in a big city while pursuing my career. I imagine my future looking a lot like my Pinterest, with a pretty house and a cute dog. What more could a girl want?

HCSMU: What has been your favorite date?

EW: One time, I surprised my boyfriend by picking up Italian food and driving him up to Griffith Park (in Los Angeles) where we had a picnic and watched the sunset from the Griffith Observatory. We later got ice cream from this great place called Milk, which is obviously the highlight of any good date. Although, we did also go to Disneyland one time and that was pretty amazing.

HCSMU: What's the biggest thing on your bucket list right now?

EW: I would say my biggest life goal right now is to travel to every Olympic Games, hopefully starting with Tokyo in 2020. But beyond that, I would love to travel to various countries to celebrate their biggest festivals there (such as: Holi in India, Carnival in Rio, Times Square on NYE, St. Patty's day in Ireland, Oktoberfest in Germany, etc.)

India is a former campus correspondent at Southern Methodist University and a former national news blogger at HerCampus.com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @IndiaPougher!
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