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Staff Spotlight: Meet HCSMU Social Media Director Gabby Grubb

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

Our writers spend their days writing about the many opportunities on campus, the nuances of college life, and some of the coolest people to meet here at SMU. Today, our team is excited to let our readers get to know more about one of our own, social media director Gabby Grubb!

HCSMU: What are you studying? 

Gabby Grubb: I’m a double major in advertising and fashion media with a graphic design minor.

HCSMU: What year are you? 

GG: Sophomore.

HCSMU: What do you do with Her Campus SMU?  

GG: I’m the social media director. So aside from writing articles each week, I manage our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and I’m currently working on setting up our Pinterest page so check for that soon!

HCSMU: Fave social media platform?

GG: My favorite to run for Her Campus is Twitter, and for myself it’s Instagram.

HCSMU: What other organizations are you involved with (Greek life, volunteering, clubs, etc.)?

GG: I am a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and currently serve on the publicity/marketing committee for SMU Dance Marathon. 

HCSMU: What has been your favorite class at SMU? Why?  

GG: So far, my favorite class has been Intro. to Creativity with professor Willie Baronet. This class is like no other as it pushes you way out of your comfort zone and stimulates creative thinking. 

HCSMU: What does your dream future look like? 

GG: As of now, my dream future would me living in NYC in the summer and fall months and in Paris in the winter and spring months while I work as a creative director/designer for my own or a major fashion line. 

HCSMU: What has been your favorite adventure to date? 

GG: My biggest adventure to date…hmmm…That would probably be the mission trip I went on to Piura, Peru. It was a rewarding, humbling, and beautiful experience and I cannot wait to return in the future. 

HCSMU: What’s the biggest thing on your bucket list right now? 

GG: To free dive with sharks. Hands down. I’ve seen a shark before scuba diving but that doesn’t really count. I’m talking shark week free diving with 12-15 feet long sharks. 



India is a former campus correspondent at Southern Methodist University and a former national news blogger at HerCampus.com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @IndiaPougher!