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Staff Spotlight: Meet HCSMU Senior Editor Christina Myers

Our writers spend their days writing about the many opportunities on campus, the nuances of college life, and some of the coolest people to meet here at SMU. Today, our team is excited to let our readers get to know more about one of our own, senior editor Christina Myers!

HCSMU: What are you studying?

Christina Myers: I am majoring in fashion media and journalism and minoring in advertising. 

HCSMU: What year are you?

CM: Junior.

HCSMU: What do you do with Her Campus SMU?  

CM: I am senior editor of Her Campus SMU. Basically,  I help the editor-in-chief (India) with whatever she needs, edit articles, and write my own articles. 

HCSMU: What other organizations are you involved with (Greek life, volunteering, clubs, etc.)?

CM: I am a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. I also have been involved with Relay for Life. 

HCSMU: What has been your favorite class at SMU? Why?  

CM: My favorite class so far has been Media & The Art of Fashion Design with professor Chelsea Bell. Professor Bell was awesome, and I learned a ton about design and aesthetic. 

HCSMU: What does your dream future look like?

CM: Living in Paris and working in fashion. 

HCSMU: What has been your favorite adventure to date?

CM: I traveled to Thailand a few years ago and got to ride elephants. It was the trip of a lifetime. 

HCSMU: What’s the biggest thing on your bucket list right now?

CM: I really want to travel more or move to another country. 



Callie is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, double-majoring in French and Fashion Media and minoring in Journalism.
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