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Rent the Runway It Girl Program


Most HerCampusSMU readers know all about the Rent the Runway website. Perfect for formal occasions or even boulevards, shoppers can go online and browse through hundreds of designer dresses and rent their favorite for a fraction of the price.

Recently, RTR has worked together with a group of SMU fashionistas to develop a new program, It Girl On Campus. RTR selected an “It Girl,” whose house features a rack of 20 designer dresses that will change each month. Twenty girls are able to subscribe to this closet for a predetermined price, and have unlimited use of the dresses (and accessories) for the duration of the month. The dresses are selected through a process where each participant chooses five of her favorite dresses in her size, and a culmination of the choices make up the It Girl Closet.

The first month of the program has been a success, with high satisfaction rates among the participants. One customer commented, “I loved doing the RTR program this month because there were so many formals, but I am worried that next month the dresses will be too fancy for just a casual night out.”

It Girl Chandler Broadrick has already mapped out a game plan to deal with these issues. “It’s really been a learning process. This month most of our dresses were used for formal events, and so next month we’re definitely going to try to incorporate more casual dresses that can be worn to a variety of events,” she said.

After a quick glance at the It Girl’s Closet, it became apparent that participants would definitely get their money’s worth, even if they only wore one or two dresses. Most of the dresses are well-known designer brands, and retail for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. “We were so lucky to receive five Hervé Léger dresses this month. Our most expensive Hervé Léger can be purchased in stores for over $2,000. They were such a hit for formal season,” remarks Broadrick.

Check out the It Girl’s blog for more information and sneak peeks on upcoming dress selections!


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