Pros v. Cons: Formal Season at SMU


There are pros and cons to every social event at SMU and formals are no exception. If you’ve never been to one, a formal is a lot like prom. You get dressed up, go to dinner with a huge group of people, and go to a venue to dance. It’s a night out with friends and at the end of the week isn’t that what we all want? Of course there are things we love and things we hate and we're breaking them all down for you.

Pro: Instagram-able. Formals were practically invented so you can get good pictures. You look cute, your friends look cute, and your guy is mentally prepared to take multiple pictures. Between dinner, the photo booth, friend’s phones, and Flash Photography, there’s bound to be at least one good picture to post the next morning.

Con: Finding a date. Unless you’ve got a go-to guy, finding a date is stressful. Do you want to go with a friend and know you’ll have fun? Or do you want the guy who you kinda like? Do you want to go with a guy you know is going to look really good in pictures? Or that one you hooked up with after that party? There are a lot of options, but actually deciding (and asking) makes this one of the hardest parts.

Pro: Great hair and makeup. Part of the fun of formal is getting ready with your friends. And if they’re feeling generous you can get awesome hair and makeup advice, use that one eye shadow shade you’ve wanted to try ever since your friend got the Naked 3 palette, and borrow an adorable pair of earrings. In short, you get to feel like a princess because you get access more makeup, jewelry, and hair stuff than you ever imagined.

Con: Dates lose pins. If you’re in a sorority, part of the deal is giving your date a pin to wear for the night. It’s a thing and I don’t really know why-- a tradition? If you take a leap of faith and give your date one of your favorite pins there is a 98.4% chance that it’ll get lost. On the bright side, it’s always nice to have an excuse to shop at McCartney’s.

Pro: You get to shop for a dress. Shopping is the best study break. And formal is one of the best ways to justify finally getting that one dress you’ve been wanting since syllabus week.

Con: Waiting on everyone to get to dinner. If dinner reservations are for 6 p.m., it will be at least 7:15 p.m. before everyone is ready to order. Which means it’ll be another 30 minutes before you actually get to eat. Your best bet is to go to a Mexican restaurant so you can snack on chips while you’re waiting on that one friend who takes forever to get ready and that other guy who thought dinner was an hour later.

Pro: Formal t shirts. If there isn’t a t-shirt did it really happen?  

Con: Heels. “Formal” means dressing up in formal attire, so heels are part of the deal. This is good (because you what else is going to match your dress) and bad (because your feel hurt and it makes for a long night). The worst part is you can’t really complain because you knew they were going to hurt when you got dressed. And you can’t take them off at dinner (you’re not drunk enough for that) or at the venue (because God knows you won’t find them again). You’re just stuck in heel hell until its time to go home.

There are high and low points of the night, but in the end formal really is fun. And if it's not, you'll have a great story to tell the next morning over brunch.

Feature image via Buzzfeed