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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

When I was first applying to college, I was a little apprehensive about living in the dorms. I had been at home my entire life (minus summer camp) and was nervous about sharing a small room with a brand-new person. There are definitely some things that I’m excited to have when I move into an apartment next year, but there are also some great perks to dorms! Here is a pros and cons list that might be some help if you’re trying to make a decision on where to live next year. 

Proximity to classes 

One big thing that I’m going to miss when I’m not in the dorms anymore is how close I am to all my classes! Mine are pretty much right in the middle of campus, and SMU is a small campus, so at the most I’ll have a ten-minute walk. If you like to sleep in a little and have some morning classes, I’d definitely take this into account!

Lack of space 

This might not really be a problem for everyone, but I have a ton of stuff (mainly clothes), so it can get kind of crammed in my dorm sometimes. I’m definitely looking forward to having more living space and a closet when I move out. 


One great thing about the residential commons system at SMU is that in the dorm, there are always events going on, and I’ll always see people around that I know. I’ve met some great people in my dorm! One of my best friends is upstairs, so it’s really easy to hang out last-minute. 

No kitchen 

Again, this might just be a me problem, but I really miss having a place to cook. I’m definitely someone that stress-bakes, or just likes to cook when I’m bored, so I’m super pumped to have a kitchen again next year. 

Meeting your roommate

I know that for some people the idea of having a totally new or random roommate in the dorms can be scary, but for me, this is one of the big perks of dorm life. Both my roommate last year and this year were girls that I didn’t know before I came to SMU, and they both ended up being two of my closest friends! 

Housing prices 

Another downside to living on-campus is that it costs more than my apartment will (this might not be the case for all dorms/apartments, though). If you are trying to go for the most cost-effective option, an apartment definitely might be something to consider! 

These are just some things that I’ve notice throughout my two years living in on-campus dorms; every school and dorm is different! Hopefully, these pros and cons have helped provide a little clarity if you can’t quite decide what the right living situation is for you. 

Ruthie is a junior at SMU studying Psychology, Spanish, and Neuroscience. Born and raised in Texas, she loves to travel and enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends.
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