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With the end of the semester closing in, SMU sororities wait in anticipation for one of the most popular philanthropy events of the spring, Pike Powderpuff. The morning of Saturday, April 27th, teams from almost every pledge class of each sorority, and some teams with no Greek affiliation, will go all the way out to Irving, Texas to fight for the championship title.

Although the event is technically flag football, every team takes the game really seriously, usually going so far as to play a little dirty. There are referees, but there is definitely a fair share of pushing and shoving that goes unnoticed. Everyone goes all out; matching t-shirts are designed, eye black is worn, and no mercy is given. After weeks of practicing, no one wants to lose. The Pike boys are split up and each coach different teams, meaning the rivalry runs high.

Sophomore Savannah Seifert comments, “I remember last year it got pretty aggressive because everyone gets so intense. It’s so much fun, but I definitely had a couple of bruises the next day. I’m still so excited to play again this year!”

The day of the event, Pike will finalize the brackets and each team will have a chance to make their way to the top. In the past, the tournament has been single-elimination, meaning once a team loses, they are done for good. 

The event supports a good cause; all the proceeds made during the day will go to benefit the Ryan Gibson Foundation, which is a non-profit organization with a chapter in Dallas. The foundation works to find a cure for leukemia. So mark your calendars for the 27th, if not to play, then to come out watch some “friendly” competition. 

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