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Name: Peyton Bailey

Age: 20

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Orange County (of the Orlando, Florida variety) 


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Greek Affilitation: KA

Major/Minor: Pre-med but at this point who really knows

Relationship Status: I got married in Pre-K on the slide, sorry ladies

Hobbies: House Hunters drinking game, drinking while I attempt to cook, making atrocious puns, getting kicked out of my KA groupmes, generally entertaining myself

Fave Sports Team: GO SPORTS TEAM

Fave Animal: Dolphins give me porpoise



Courtesy of Facebook


Fave Food: Anything I attempt to cook

Fave Color: Spongebob’s coral blue #2 semigloss lipstick

Celebrity Crush: Betty White


Courtesy of Facebook


Fave SMU Memory: Way too many and making so many more!

Dream Job: That person who names the colors for crayola crayon boxes or maybe like that spokesperson for Apple because he must have a really good outlook on life constantly thinking everything is “magical” and “revolutionary.”

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