Our Writers Choose the BEST Courses at SMU

Signing up for classes is a fun but stressful time. You have an idea of the classes you want to take, and you might be overwhelmed by the amount of pillars you still have to satisfy, all while hoping the classes you want have not filled up by the time you sign up. Even if you do not get every class you hoped for this semester, make sure to fill your shopping cart with some of our writer's favorite classes, or use these classes to fill in your schedule when you don't know what to take next.

PHIL 1317- Business Ethics

Professor: Egerstrom

"I'm in this class right now and I really like it because of how the class is taught. It's important to be in class, however, the class isn't just a lecture, but also a discussion. We have the ability to interact with the professor and put in our own thoughts rather than just reading off a PowerPoint. By the time a test or a quiz rolls around I feel very prepared for it and usually end up doing well on it." -Ruhi Deshmukh, Freshman


ENG 3310 - Literature and the Construction of Homosexuality

Professor: Professor Richard Bozorth

"Professor Bozorth is amazing! He is so passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. He is always willing to talk about course material outside of class — he is by far my favorite professor at SMU. The class itself is fantastic. I loved every single book that we read. Highly recommend!"- Mary Chamberlain Harlan, Junior


ENG 4360- Beyonce's New South Aesthetics

Professor: Angela Ards

"I love any excuse to talk about Beyonce! We discussed the conceptualization of the South, and how Beyonce's 'Lemonade' embodies a new type of feminism. We got to watch parts of the album and discuss the concepts of femininity, intersectional feminism, and all these really cool works of literature. Ards is such a great professor, I would do anything to take another of her classes." -Moriah Raisis, Junior


ADV 1321- Intro to Creativity

Professor: Willie Baronet

"It's a nice break from all of my business oriented classes. The attendance assignments are always something fun like haikus, drawings, or activities. It's not necessarily an easy A, but it's definitely a class I never want to miss." -Courtney Smith, Senior


DISC 1313 - Intro to Newswriting

Professor: Chris Coats

"This class teaches you all the basics of writing a biography, a news article and a blog post. During the semester, you will also have to make a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, and you get to intern with a company revamping their website and social media. Professor Coats is enthusiastic and dedicated, take her for any class you can!" -Karna Small, Sophomore


Technology and Society

Professor- Ken Daley

"He tackled so many important issues-like the automatic of jobs, ethics of coding, and robots taking over the world- that go ignored in mainstream news coverage." - Grace Reon, Sophomore


PERE 5022- Meadows OperaTheater Ensemble

Professor: Hank Hammett

"It is my favorite because 1. I love performing and 2. Hank is the most entertaining, best professor in the world." -Lauren Dudley, Sophomore


CSE 1341- Intro to Creative Computing

Professor: Dave Smith

"He made the class tangible and understandable because he wanted us to learn for our enjoyment of the material not just for a grade but it ended up being my favorite class with my highest grade." -Nicolina Franke, Sophomore


DANC 3374- Evolution of American Musical Theatre

Professor: Patty Delaney

"This class has been awesome and immensely entertaining. You get to learn about the history of America through songs and dances. There's a lot of video clips and movies to watch (like a Hamilton documentary), discussions to have, and the professor is always wanting to hear from performance and non-performing majors alike. Best part though? It's a Ways of Knowing course- probably the most fun one there is." -Sydney Fellner, Junior


Good luck enrolling and remember to keep a balance between classes you need for your majors and minors, and some unique classes that allow you to try something new. You never know what you'll fall in love with until you try it!