Our Favorite Brunch Restaurants in Dallas

Any self-respecting Dallas girl knows that Sundays are for brunching, whether it be on Knox-Henderson or Greenville. Most of us can rattle off our favorite brunch places at the drop of a hat. But for those of us who maybe aren't from here or are just looking for some new places to try, we have got you covered.

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For the Social Butterfly:

1. Common Table 

The Skittles Sangria is the crowd-pleaser here, but the food is equally good. If you go to Common Table for brunch, you are sure to see SMU students. 

2. Henry's Majestic 

A beautiful outdoor patio, combined with the infamous Sparkle Bar and exquisite foods calls for a lovely brunch, and thus, a big chance of seeing someone you know!            

3. Public School

No one goes hungry at Public School 214. With ample portion sizes and savory bites, you won't want to leave. 

4. Breadwinner's

A large menu and great location makes this place a hot spot for all. 

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For the Foodie:

1. Pie Tap

 Pizza for breakfast? Count us in. 

2. The Rustic

Comfort food + brunch. Can you think of a better combination?

3. Stirr

 Unwind with friends on a rooftop patio with a view of Dallas skyline. 

4. HG Sply Co.

Delicious meals, and even better – an entire gluten-free menu!

Image Via Henry's Majestic


For the Boozy:

1. The Porch

Cocktails include the Strawberry Crush, Grapefruit Agave Gimlet and Blackberry Basil Limeade.  

2. Henry's Majestic (again)

From the Sparkle Bar to the Watermelon Swizzle and The 8 AM, there's something here for everyone. Or, check out "The Collegiate" and Pony Up!

3. Libertine Bar

$3 mimosas, bellinis, and poinsettias. Oh, and a whole other menu of cocktails, for those that prefer it. 

4. The Standard Pour

A very extensive menu of cocktails and drinks, for those that like mixing it up to those who just want a beer. 

Image Via Company Cafe


For the Vegans and Gluten-Frees:

1. Mudhen

There isn't a gluten-free menu because more dishes are gluten-free than aren't! There are also vegetarian AND vegan options.

2. Flower Child

For the vegans, paleos and just plain hungry, there's something healthy for everyone at Flower Child.

3. Company Cafe

An entire gluten-free bakery, healthy smoothies and gluten-free desserts to warm your heart. Gluten-free people deserve happiness, too!

4. True Food

Put goodness into your body. Responsibly sourced food and freshly grown greens ensure that eating not only tastes good but leaves your body feeling well. Finally, a place that makes you want to eat your greens!

This isn't a list with ALL of the places in Dallas, but it's a great start for anyone who is new to the area (i.e. most of us SMU kids).

Happy Brunching!