My Top 8 Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake Flavors – Ranked

Let’s be real. I practically live at The Cheesecake Factory. From the giant portions to the basket of bread, it never ceases to please me. Above all, their cheesecakes are what I’m always in the mood for! Here are my top eight all-time favorite flavors that you should try if you haven’t already!

8. Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake

A classic. How can you go wrong with this one?

7. Celebration Cheesecake

This may be one of my less popular opinions, but I love all the color and sprinkles that come with this rich combination of multi-flavored mousses, cheesecake and vanilla cake! It’s like my birthday every time!

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Take me back to my childhood, because this cheesecake makes me think of all those times I ate my mom’s cookie dough straight out of the bowl.

5. Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake

Banana is such an underrated flavor, but it is still one of my favorites, especially because this cheesecake is so light and fluffy.

4. Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake

Oreos are my favorite cookie! Not-so-coincidentally, they pair great with cheesecake!

3. Dulce De Leche Cheesecake

Caramel, caramel, and more caramel. Need I say more?

2. Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake

This cheesecake is so smooth and creamy. It makes for an amazing vanilla and chocolate dessert if you can’t choose between one or the other!

1. Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Galore Cheesecake and Linda’s Fudge Cake

I have to admit, although Linda’s Fudge Cake isn’t cheesecake, it still ties for my all-time favorite. Hands down.

S’mores beats out all the other cheesecakes for me. I have nothing else to say except for it’s SO good. Seriously. Chocolate cheesecake, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate ganache. I’m in heaven.

Linda’s Fudge Cake is what I think of when I think of the best slice of chocolate cake ever. If you’re a chocolate cake fan, don’t sleep on this one!



All images via The Cheesecake Factory