The Most Hilarious "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

Costume season is finally upon us. You’ll spot some angels, devils, TV characters and more. Yet, spooky season brings much more than just plain old costumes. That’s right, I’m talking about the crazy, ridiculous and most hilarious ones. The costumes that make you cringe. Of course, Halloween prompts some pretty inventive ideas, but it also always brings back the “sexy” costume for women. With Halloween right around the corner, here is my lineup of the most hilarious “sexy” Halloween costumes I found for this year!

Overall Winner:

Sexy Big Bird


Image via BlockBuster Costumes


I never imagined Sesame Street being sexy, and I don't think I ever will. 



1. Sexy Scrabble Board


Image via


Can you spell P-A-S-S?

2. Sexy Corn on the Cob


Image via Walmart


I don’t have any words for this one.

3. Sexy Lobster


Image via The Odyssey Online


Seafood never equals sexy.

4. Sexy "The Dress"


Image via Brit + Co. 


C’mon people.

5. Sexy Crayon


Image via


I think we should leave this up to the kids next time.

6. Sexy Kiss Me Frog


Image via


Who knew a frog could have so much fur...

7. Sexy Dinosaur


Image via Pinterest


Ross Geller approved.