Meet SMU's 2017 Homecoming King Alex Porter

SMU Homecoming this year was better than ever! The boulevard was packed, the game was crazy and there was an immense amount of spirit. This year our winners were Karly Zrake from Alpha Chi Omega and Alex Porter from Kappa Sigma. We were lucky enough to sit down with 2017 Homecoming King, Alex Porter, about his Homecoming experience, SMU and his "American Heroes."

Her Campus SMU: How was your experience of Homecoming this year?

Alex Porter: Homecoming this year was a lot of fun! Everyone calls me King Porter, and it is so funny. There was a lot of hard work this year between Alpha Chi and Kappa Sig, and I am really happy it all paid off, knowing you got the results you worked for.


HCSMU: What was your favorite part of Homecoming this year?

AP: I made so many new friends in Alpha Chi, which was one of my favorite parts, but also just hanging out with my friends from Kappa Sig was awesome.


HCSMU: Were you surprised to win?

AP: The first Homecoming meeting, I was not sure. The first day I realized I could actually win was Field Day because we had such a huge turnout. Knowing that I had all these people supporting me and Karly was awesome. When they announced we won first place on the float, I had a really good feeling I had this!


HCSMU: Tell us about your theme for this year.

AP: Our theme this year was “American Heroes.” We wanted to honor a variety of people and what better way to do that than to just say American heroes?


HCSMU: Your float was about heroes. Who is your hero?

AP: My parents are my heroes! Their love and support meant so much during this whole week.


HCSMU: Since you were dressed up as Uncle Sam on your float, who is your historical hero?

AP: My hero is Richard Feynman, a theoretical physicist. He championed the idea of intellectuality being cool and thinking for yourself.


HCSMU: Riding on the float throughout the Boulevard- scary or exhilarating?

AP: It was scary because I was on a tiny platform riding on the back of a car while trying to act like I was scared of falling off!


HCSMU: Being on the field at halftime- scary or exhilarating?

AP: It was exhilarating! Being in the band in high school, I felt right at home when I stepped on the field during halftime! I felt comfortable.


HCSMU: What is your favorite thing about SMU?

AP: I love that while I am here, there are so many different opportunities. I love going out and trying new things, and here there are so many people that are willing to do that!


HCSMU: You have been in Dallas for a while now. What is your favorite thing to do here?

AP: My go-to is two-stepping! I personally love Red River and Billy Bob’s. I think country dancing is so much fun.


HCSMU: Besides Kappa Sigma, what else are you involved in at SMU?

AP: I am involved with the Career Development Ambassadors (CDA), Institute For Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS), and E-Sport club.


HCSMU: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

AP: Do every little thing you can! Do something little every day that helps build your confidence. For me, I went to the gym a lot, and it helped me build my confidence! The building that confidence can spill into other aspects of your life and can really help you grow!


HCSMU: What will you miss most about SMU?

AP: I’m really going to miss the freedom to do whatever you want! I have enough time and energy to pursue other interests without any real recourse.