Meet Dallas Beauty Blogger Emma Clayton From 'Dash of Serendipity'

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This post was made in partnership with European Wax Center®

SMU junior Emma Clayton has the preppy lifestyle down pat, and the New Jersey native is a natural with all things fashion and beauty. When she’s not busy with her double major in digital media advertising and fashion media, she’s taking on the blogosphere from her colorful bedroom, selling her own calligraphy prints on Etsy and designing Snapchat geo-filters for her friends.

If you’re not already following her incredibly popular blog, Dash of Serendipity, you’re missing out on some serious lifestyle #goals and beauty/fashion inspiration – plus a peek into what it’s like to be an SMU student. Clayton gets real with her readers by not concealing who is she and having the courage and confidence to reveal life updates, advice about classes, sorority life, and her general college experience.

We sat down with Emma to learn more about her blog, find out her favorite things happening in fall fashion and beauty, and get the lowdown on being chosen as the one of the top bloggers for the European Wax Center® contest on POPSUGAR. Armed with European Wax Center®’s latest beauty products and services, Emma is definitely ready for a bold adventure in LA meeting POPSUGAR’s beauty editorial team. Find out more in our exclusive interview with her below:

Her Campus SMU: Tell us a little about what gave you the courage to reveal your life in your blog Dash of Serendipity?

Emma Clayton: When I first started my blog, back in high school, I was definitely more hesitant to let people know what I was doing.  But after receiving so much support from my friends and family over the years it’s become easier to share. Plus, my blog has led me to discover my major, digital media advertising, so it is relevant in coursework and makes it a little easier to talk about.  

HC SMU: You’re a busy lady, tell us what you do to maintain your confidence while managing your blog, classes, and college life?

EC: I think blogging is my biggest creative outlet. It gets hard sometimes when I have a lot of classwork and other things going on to keep up with it, but it’s nice at the end of the day to sit down with my computer and draft a post on whatever is on my mind. 

HC SMU: With fashion weeks ending in the fall, what bold fall-fashion must haves help you get through your average day?

EC: My fall-fashion must have is a cape or poncho. I got so much use out of the few I had last year, so I’m really excited to get to bring those out again. I love finding new ways to style them with jeans or a skirt and boots.   

HC SMU: Your brows are a big deal. They can definitely transform your face and put your strut back in your stride. Given that you’ve recently tried European Wax Center®’s Strut Boldly™ collection, what’s your favorite product within the collection?

EC: I’ve loved using the highlighter and I don’t think it’ll ever leave my beauty routine. I’ve been swiping it under my brow but also in the inner corner of my eye because it gives a fresh, glowing look. 

HC SMU: Do you have any advice for students who may want to start a blog? Or do you have advice for prospective SMU students?

EC: Just start! I’ve had a lot of friends come to me and ask for advice, but the biggest thing I’d say to do is just start writing. Don’t worry about having X amount of Instagram followers or collaborations with companies because that’s really not the most important factor. Dedicated and excited bloggers produce great content that is worth a lot in the blogging world.  

HC SMU: What does your dream future look like? What is your career goal, and do you think you will you continue with blogging after college?

EC: I’d love to be working in advertising doing something with digital media, but I definitely plan on continuing my blog for as long as people keep reading!

HC SMU: Why do you deserve to win the European Wax Center® + POPSUGAR contest?

EC: I would love to win the contest because I would get to meet so many of the great people at POPSUGAR and share my experience with them and with my followers. I also have never been to LA so exploring that part of the country would be so much fun! 

Vote for Emma now through November 4, 2016 to send her on the ultimate bold fall adventure courtesy of European Wax Center® and POPSUGAR.