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Jordan Kragen and Katy Oswald


Jordan Kragen and Katie Oswald knew from the moment of Big/Little reveal that they would be friends forever. What they didn’t know was that a year after Jordan graduated they would start a business together. It wasn’t hard for them to realize what they both had strengths in and from that came Jordan Kragen and Katie Oswald Dallas Closets. 


Not everyone can have organization skills to not only keep a closet clean but organized as well. Both Katie and Jordan has been organizing closets for family and friends for the past year or so and they enjoyed working together as well as completing the task at hand. When Katie was asked why she wanted to start this company with her friend she answered, “After seeing how much people appreciate what we can do we figured why not!” 

Luckily these two SMU graduates get along better than anyone, some even say they are basically the same person. According to Jordan ,“It’s great working with one of my best friends as I already know her personality and strengths and we enjoy spending time together. We both have similar goals and work ethics.” 


Personally I have seen both their closets and it’s hard not to want what they have. Not only do they organize to make it visually appealing they also find a way to organize it so it is easier to navigate for those who have the problem of forgetting articles of clothing you own. If you are interested in getting your closet organized or are just curious and want more information email dallasclosets@gmail.com. They are also on Instagram and twitter @dallasclosets if you want to see more about their business. Be sure to check out their blog at www.organizingandclosetsdallas.com


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