If Texas Schools were Characters from 'Friends'

"Friends" is a classic show that has seen multiple waves of popularity since it was first aired on TV in 1994. Our parents know the show and it’s more than likely that you have experienced your parents asking to sit with you while you watch it for the first time on Netflix in your living room. With iconic characters that are still recoginized today for their humor and iconic lines, this show has a special place in many people’s hearts.

With Her Campus writers in Texas being some of those who hold this show close to our hearts, we teamed up with our sister chapter, Her Campus UNT to share our personal opinions and picks of which characters match best with our beloved Texas colleges and universities.

1. Southern Methodist University

Rachel always has an eye for a big city. With Dallas’ inconic skyline and an endless amount of retail opportunities, Rachel would jump right on a plane to visit SMU’s Fashion Week or one of Highland Park Village's high end grand openings.

2. Baylor University

Phoebe’s love for coffee and free spirit makes her the perfect match for Baylor. She would be perfectly content sipping coffee and singing Smelly Cat on the backyard patio of Baylor’s neighboring cofee shop, Common Grounds.

3. University of Texas at Austin

Joey’s iconic line: “How you doin” is arguably the most inconic line from "Friends." When people think of "Friends," they think of Joey’s line, just as so many hear Texas and think "UT: Hook 'Em Horns.”

4. University of North Texas

Chandler is the witty and fun loving friend of the bunch and UNT is a fun loving school! They may fly a little below the radar, but once you get a taste of them, they will always keep you entertained.

5. Texas A&M

Monica is all about competion; If she’s playin’, she’s playin' to win! A&M is the Monica of Texas colleges. With their nation wide football noteriety, they make no bones about the fact that they love to win.

6. Rice University

Ross is the smarty pants of the "Friends" friend group and Rice is definetly the smarty pants of Texas colleges. Their one of the most academically rigorous schools in Texas and they don’t have a problem letting you know. (Ross is also a little prentious, but hey if you got it, flaunt it! Being smart is cool.)