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I Tried Dipped Nails For the First Time and I’m a Changed Woman

The other day, I tried SNS Dipping Powder on my nails for the first time and it was a transformative experience. As one who prides herself on her DIY spirit and her creative can-do abilities, I was a bit of a purist when it came to my nails. I liked to pick a color in the clearance section of Target, spend an hour perfecting nail art, and then literally watch the paint dry. However, the inevitable smudges that resulted from a slight movement or the flakes of polish that would come off the day after a paint-sesh made me question my purist ways. Therefore, I took to the salons of Dallas to try a new approach.

My roommate’s mom owns a salon, therefore I have been pressured for the last couple of months to try acrylic nails. After some time, I worked up the courage and departed for the salon. When I was finally seated, I was swiftly talked out of the tips in favor of dipping powder. Dipping powder is a pigmented loose powder, and they use a series of clear base and top coats to build it up and swiftly file it down. 

Now my nails are naturally fairly strong, which is super lucky, but they do still break. One of my nails had broken fairly low, so she applied a tip to that finger to even it with the others. Then she followed this process.

She dipped probably 5 times, which builds them up. I was concerned that they were going to look clunky, but she used an electric file at the end and then put a top coat on. I was obsessed. First of all, I felt luxurious af. Nothing makes me feel as fancy as a nice trip for self care. Second, after a five minute waiting period, my nails were completely dry. I actually felt capable of doing normal tasks. The kicker was that I could open my wallet and grab my credit card without fear of smudging my nails. 

I was a bit skeptical about paying $35 for something I typically do at home, but I am a changed woman. My nails have never felt stronger or looked shinier. There are downsides, because there will be upkeep, but I think it's worth it. The drying time is much quicker, and I'm not concerned about normal wear and tear.  Plus, they last so much longer. I’ve already had them for a week, and except for a bit of growth, they look as good as the day that I got them. 

I do still have interest in trying tips, but because these dipped nails allow my nails to grow longer and stronger, I don’t know when I’ll need to do it. I would completely recommend trying these nails. It makes you automatically look put together, and when you’re bored in class, they are really fun to stare at. Take the plunge you won't regret it!


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