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How to Stay Healthy While Living in the Sorority House

Each sorority house on campus is different, but I assure you we all have one thing in common: a love of food. Living in the house comes with a meal plan, which for most sorority in-house women, means weekly menus that don’t exactly feature the healthiest choices. On top of that, a plethora of ever-present snacks exist at your fingertips, without you having to even make the trip to Kroger. So, you ask, how does a college girl stay healthy and fit in this situation? Follow these simple steps and your fitness goals will be within reach.

1.     Buy your own snacks to munch on.

Whoever purchases your snack type foods cant keep every girl’s particular tastes in mind. Maybe your best friend loves Chicken & Waffles Lay’s, but you would have never eaten them if you had sunflower seeds in your room. Buying your own snacks will eliminate two things that are a surefire way to gain weight. First, you will not eat things that you do not really like (which don’t satisfy any cravings…which then leads to even more munching). Secondly, you can choose healthier selections, so if you are starving after a hard workout, you can grab a protein bar instead of the leftover chicken fingers from lunch. Buy non-perishables to store in your room or write your name on purchases you will store in a community fridge.

2.     Request specific recipes that your chefs cook.

The addition of lots of butter, oil, or heavy cream can make even the healthiest request bad for you. Try looking up healthy recipes, such as the ones by SkinnyGirl, for yummy foods prepared in healthy ways. Turning in a recipe for your chef to follow will help you be more conscious of what you are eating and also feel good about the culinary choices you make. Don’t know where to start looking for ideas? I bet your Pinterest food board would be a great place to start!

3.     Group workouts

The final trick to staying healthy in a sorority house is by using your friends as an exercise support system! You will find it easier to hold yourself accountable if you set fitness goals and have fun achieving them together. Grab a friend and go to a Pilates class, Incinr8, to Dedman, or even just on a long walk outside. Working out is more fun with a friend, and if it is more enjoyable, you are guaranteed to want to exercise more often. 

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