How to NOT be the third wheel in your room

Your roommate just found a guy! *squee!* Of course you’re thrilled, but what does this mean for you? You can’t just tell the new couple to “get a room” because her room is, well, your room. So how can you keep the peace with your roommate without becoming the dreaded "third wheel?"

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Get to know your roommate’s guy

He’s going to be around a lot, so as a courtesy to your roommate, try to make a new friend. Start up a conversation the next time he’s around, or ask for his “guy opinion” on something. Not only will this make your roommate happy that two important people in her life get along, who knows, maybe Mr. Roommate’s Bae has a Mr. Single Bae in mind for you…*fingers crossed*

Hang out with both of them…

Studying for midterms or boulevarding before a game are great things to do with a gal pal or a boyfriend- so why not both? Don’t be afraid of spending some time with your roommate and her guy just because they’re romantically involved, there are plenty of things can be enjoyed as a group of friends without anyone feeling as though they’re intruding.

…But know when to bow out

At the same time though, never overstay your welcome. Don’t tag along on a romantic dinner, or hang around when things are getting serious. If an opportunity presents itself to leave subtly, take it, and let the couple have their fun together. Even if you’re just heading into the hallway, a little privacy goes a long way.

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Give an alert when you’re coming back to the room

Your roommate and her guy are in your room. You forgot your textbook. You hurry to go get it, open up the door, and suddenly find yourself in a very awkward situation. So, to avoid future embarrassment and the killing of romantic moments, always try to text when you might potentially intrude on something. Communication is key. If the room needs to be reserved, either for studying or something steamier, make sure everyone knows not to just barge in. Sock on the door, anyone?

Be a solid support system

Did you know that as a roommate you are also the designated “Person To Complain About Dumb Boys To”? True Story. You may not be a part of the relationship, but you do still have a role to play. Through every fight, break up, make up, and screw up, you will be there to offer your roommate a hug and some advice. So grab some ice cream, a chick flick, a punching bag, and prepare your shoulder to be cried on, because no matter what might happen between your roommate and her guy, you should be there to offer your support. After all, no man can break the bonds of sisterhood roommate-hood!

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And, of course, the golden rule…

Never ever ever EVER EVER make a move on your roommate’s guy!

This isn’t just about “Sisters before Misters” it’s about setting a boundary. For better or worse, you and your roommate are going to be living only a few feet away from each other for the rest of the year. The last thing you want is to also be living with tension and resentment. Your roommate’s guy is off limits. Period. Take a look at some of the other awesome guys SMU has to offer instead.

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